Janice’s Summer Tipple🍹



150g Frozen Mixed Berries

50ml Aperol

50ml Vodka

1 Lime

Top up with Prosecco


150g Frozen Mixed Berries

100ml Orange juice

2 Limes

Top up with Lemonade

Method (Makes 1 large cocktail)

Measure your ingredients out beforehand, or do so straight into the blender jug.

Add the Frozen Mixed Berries, Aperol, Vodka, and Juice of one lime into the jug.

Blitz until the berries and alcohol are blended (this may take a little while if your berries are super frozen).

Keep going until the fruit is blended enough to how you like it.

When your liquid is a deep red/pink and the fruit is no longer solid, you’re ready to pour!

Grab your favourite glasses and fill them up 2/3 of the way.

Take your Prosecco and top up the liquid to the rim of the glass (or as much as you dare), and your tipple is nearly ready.

Garnish with a frozen raspberry (or a fresh one if you have it), and enjoy!

Please drink responsibly.

Please note: If you are going for the non-alcoholic version, please swap out the Aperol, Vodka, and Prosecco with ingredients as per the recipe above.