The Top 4 Worst Things The Guys Have Ever Eaten!

With 13 years of Sorted Food, 25 years of friendship, over 3 million global community members, almost 1 billion YouTube views, and travels all over the world… It’s fair to say that we’ve been on the BEST foodie adventure of our lives – all thanks to you. On this journey of a lifetime, we’ve tried and cooked up tonnes of banging food that we never would’ve tried before… but for this blog, I thought it’d be fun to reminisce on just some of the most difficult things that the guys have ever eaten! Let’s get straight into it…

  1. The Quizmas Cup

It’s simple really, our normals answer foodie questions, but the twist is… If they get it wrong, they must keep adding mystery ingredients to a blender and down a gag-worthy concoction! Our most recent one can be found here, but we just had to throw it back to our Christmas edition from 7 years ago for the ‘worst Christmas smoothie ever’ (my stomach just dropped thinking of it)! For this video, the questions were more general knowledge questions based on the holidays – if a normal got it right, they can nominate whose blender the ingredient goes into (savage, we know). 

The ingredients for the smoothie were as follows: A drumstick, clementine, goose fat, mulled wine, panettone, sprouts, cupcake (WITH the wrapping), mince pie, cloves, cod, caraway, and grapes. Although Mike had the least in his blender and Jamie had the most, all 3 of the guys immediately gagged after the first sip… And so did I when watching it.

  1.  Barry’s Food Hell: Sharks and Fermented Herring

This gem is from 5 years ago… And at Barry’s expense (which Jamie was of course, over the moon about). After losing some brownie points from previous videos, Ebbers identified what his forfeit would consist of, based on things he absolutely hates:

  • Being put in a box
  • Fermented herring
  • Swimming (not so good at it)
  • Cold, wet fishy things

Just to make Barry’s life even worse, Ebbers and Jamie tucked into a sausage sarnie whilst he got an ice lolly to tuck into, outside, on a cold December day in London. Anyway, based on the above information, the guys thought it was fitting to put Barry in a box, under WATER… And feed some sharks! Personally, the best part of this whole ordeal was when Barry completed the task and found out this was only part 1, as he’d signed up for not just his version of hell, but his FOOD hell too. This is when things get really crazy – Ebbers, Jamie and James put a ‘smell chamber’ in the studio which was filled with ‘Swedish fermented herring’ – the kind that comes with a recommendation of only being opened outside! The game was that Barry had to last in the chamber for 5 minutes and answer some questions – for each one that he got right, 10 seconds would be knocked off his time, otherwise… You guessed it, he’d be eating some herring. Simply opening the tin alone reminded Barry of ‘nappies’, and it only got worse and WAY more chaotic from there!

  1. XXX Hot Burrito Eating Challenge

We’re feeling saucy… Hot saucy to be specific! This epic challenge from 5 years ago saw Jamie, Barry, Mike, Ebbers, and James visit Daddy Donkey, an incredible Mexican grill restaurant, to learn more about chilli sauces by the owner, Joel! Of course, it’s never as easy as this – the guys had to take part in a ‘tap out eating contest’, with blended tomatillo, roasted habanero peppers, pickled jalapenos, chilli dhaba, and orange juice sauce burritos! The burritos themselves were built with rice, beans, meat, and cheese… with sauce going between each layer – and finally topped with habanero peppers! I hadn’t seen this video before writing this and I can confidently say that I was absolutely not confident in Ebbers – I’m sure you’d agree?

I won’t ruin this one, but the result was spectacular.

  1. Fermented Foods Challenge

Ahh the legend that is Poker Face! This is by far a favourite format amongst the community and sees the guys suffer and struggle through foods that are hard to stomach – this could be because Kush takes the flavours to extreme levels, or they’re a delicacy from another part of the world that the guys aren’t used to eating! This time, it was Chef Ebbers, Mike, and Barry in the hot seat. On the list was:

  • Belachan (shrimp paste used in Southeast Asian dishes)
  • Natto (fermented soybeans – typically a Japanese breakfast)
  • Century eggs (quail eggs that we turned into devil eggs – Mike’s reaction was by far my favourite, he described it as the hardest thing he’s ever had to eat)
  • Barry’s old favourite… The Surstömming (fermented herring) from his Food Hell! Jamie wore a hazmat suit for this one

That’s it from me… Over to you! What would you have included on the list? Let us know on IG or Twitter.


Ishy @ Sorted Food