Our Top 5 Kitchen Gadget Reviews

Over the past 12 years, a particular video format quickly became a community favourite. You guessed it right… It’s our kitchen gadget reviews! It all started in 2016… We released our first-ever gadget video that happened to become our most-viewed video of all time with 4 million views. Since then, we have reviewed TONS more game-changing and wonderfully weird items that have all gone down in the kitchen gadget hall of fame. Let’s take a look at our top 5 picks from the production team and see if you can remember them…

  1. The Banana Surprise Yum Station

Baz and Mike knew exactly what they were doing when they gave this to Ebbers and James to try! This gadget review is from 2019 – old but never, ever forgotten.

As it suggests in the name, this gadget helps to make ‘amazing banana desserts in just 4 easy steps’. It’s great for making eating fruit fun for kids… And just as perfect for giving the adults a laugh! Once cutting off the edge of the banana, you fit it into the cradle-like structure, aka, the banana yum station. Then, you insert the tube into the banana to make way for the chocolate filling, which is added via the nozzle that is provided.

Our highlight from the video was how perfectly the gadget set up a load of Bennuendos. James truly struggled to keep it together and it was an absolute pleasure to watch.

  1. The Automatic Plate Washer

We knew from the second that Mike described this as ‘the height of human engineering’ that this review could go in any direction. Taken from the same video as above, when Ebbers and James lifted the cloche to reveal this gem, the reactions were absolutely priceless! The little brushes attached to the gadget made its purpose very clear – James referred to it as a ‘carwash for dishes’.

So, how does it work? Your dish, which in this case was a plate and a bowl, gets clamped in with a push of a button. It is then placed under a running tap whilst the plate spins around the cleaning brushes – simple right? Overall, the guys agreed that the gadget actually worked very well, but declared it useless once finding out the price (around £53 at the time)!

  1. Microwavable S’mores Maker

S’mores are extremely popular in the States – it’s basically a biscuit sandwich filled with melted chocolate and a big, toasted marshmallow! This gadget quickens this process in the microwave, taking just 30 seconds.

You start by making your layers and then the small, plastic hands flip over on top of it to hold it all in place. Something Ebbers didn’t like about this was the fact it took away the ‘togetherness’ element of making s’mores, which is usually done by gathering around a campfire (a very good point)! Having said this, the highlight of the video came from the reactions of Ebbers, James and even the production team at the price reveal… Which was £35! This was a staggering difference from the guess between £5 – £7.

  1. The Bogey Man Egg Separator

This gadget came from our most-viewed video of all time, which followed a ‘mock sales channel’ style. We remember watching back the final edit of this thinking ‘there’s no way we can release this’, but now, looking back, we’re so glad that we did! 

This review focuses on kitchen gadgets that ‘nobody needs’ and we just had to give a shout-out to the ‘bogey man egg separator’ in particular. All you have to do is crack the egg on the gadget and pour it in from the top – the nostrils then separate the egg whites for you. The question is… How were we ever doing this beforehand?

      5. The Dreamfarm Supoon

Ahh, the supoon – what a journey we’ve been on with this gadget! The supoon is an incredible mix between a spatula and a spoon, with features that you didn’t know you needed to help with cooking. The most notable ones are its silicon material, making it heatproof, dishwasher proof and most impressively… spill proof! Its lifted design means you can rest it on the counter without it touching the surface and making a mess.

When first ever reviewing it, both Baz and James liked the supoon but weren’t completely sold on it. Fast forward to now and it’s regularly used in the kitchen, spotted in videos and we currently sell them (including bundles with all sizes) on the Sorted Store – click here to check them out!

Do you agree with our list of top 5 gadgets? What did we miss? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram – we can’t wait to hear from you.

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