Meal Boxes/Food Kits: Yes or No?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Over the past 12 years, we’ve built the best foodie community in the WORLD. Starting out as completely new to the foodie world (well, us normals… Not Chef Ebbers!), we truly feel that we’ve all been on this journey of learning together with you all. We’ve made it our mission to not just entertain, but educate as well. With your suggestions, we’ve tried tons of incredible cuisines, tested wacky gadgets and trialled so many new foodie hacks that have changed our lives in the kitchen.

After many years of working with our incredible food team, the amount we have learnt and shared with you all racks up to a very long list! Having said this, one of the most mind-blowing things we noticed about them was just how differently they operated to us normals. The way they planned, shopped and cooked ahead of time was always carefully executed… But to them, this was nothing but standard practice! It was with this realisation that the idea for our Sidekick App was born… I sat down with Barry to talk about exactly how and why he had the lightbulb moment:

All the inspiration for Sidekick has come from working with chefs… For instance, the cooking element – the way they moved around the kitchen was like it had been choreographed… They used far less equipment than we did, they washed up as they went along, they filled their time with prepping other ingredients. The result was incredible to watch – and so we wanted to see if we could recreate that cooking experience ourselves and for our community, without the years of training to be a chef!’

It was from having these important conversations we realised that what we essentially wanted to create was the complete opposite of meal/food boxes! Instead of delivering food in the exact quantities for just one meal, we could influence the overall planning, shopping and cooking experience in the long run – becoming a lifestyle change that would help us all learn how to save money and eliminate waste!

As you must know… We absolutely love a good food debate! So in true Sorted fashion, we recently took to the community to find out their opinions on food boxes/meal kits. As a result, we found that 81% don’t use them because they’re too expensive and lead to waste with food and packaging. Sidekick, which has served up over 800,000 meals so far, has worked to fight against these issues to find a solution. This is how:

  • We provide you with Recipe Packs that share ingredients across 3 dishes which will use up all the fresh food you buy each week. This completely cuts out waste!
  • Because of this, the average 2-person household can save up to £30 each month! Also, by building up your staple ingredients, you reduce your weekly shop in the long run
  • Unlike food boxes (which may send you small packets of things you already have), we don’t deliver anything = NO packaging waste

Plus, with tens of thousands across the world using the app, nothing beats our community sending in their mouth-watering Sidekick creations every week! 

Now more than ever, food bills are at an all-time high and we want to help as much as possible by showing how our money can stretch further when it comes to a food shop! So, we’re giving away £120 worth of groceries completely FREE. Using our Sidekick App, you can turn these groceries into tonnes of delicious recipes, cut out food waste & learn some new skills! All you have to do is:

1) Signup to a Sidekick Free Trial via Google Play or the App Store (30 days free, no risk)

2) You’ll get entered automatically (easy)

3) We’ll randomly select 25 lucky winners and send them a £120 gift card to their preferred supermarket! (awesome, right?!)

The competition ends Sunday 13th Nov (tonight), 11.59pm (GMT), so don’t miss out! Find out more info HERE. Let us know your thoughts on IG or Twitter – we love hearing your opinions! Most importantly, we can’t wait for you to join the Sidekick family.


Sorted Food x