Foodie Halloween Tips From A Chef

A big Hello-Ween to you all (come on, we had to). Whether you like it or not, ‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes… Well, just for a few more days. I asked you, aka the best foodie community out there, any helpful tips you’d like to know just in time for Halloween. After noticing some common themes, I once again sat down with Kush, head of food, to help make your weekend as spookily easy as possible. So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight to it…

*Trigger warning, expect more Halloween-related puns*

  1. Pumpkin Leftovers

Unsurprisingly, the question of what to do with pumpkin leftovers, specifically the seeds, came up a lot! Whilst pumpkin carving is truly part of the Halloween spirit, knowing what to do after can be tricky when not equipped with any inspiration – this is where we come in! We know that the traditional pumpkin soup and pie are extremely popular, so check out some equally delicious alternatives below:

Pumpkin Seeds

Wash the leftover seeds, dry them off and roast them with some oil and a couple of spices for a perfectly light, dry snack. What makes this even better is that they’re packed full of benefits!

Roasted Pumpkin

Why not try roasted honey and spiced pumpkin with dukkha (a blend of nuts, seeds and spices) and herby ricotta?

  1. Halloween Dishes… Minus the Pumpkin

On the other hand, we had plenty of requests for seasonal dishes without the Halloween staple… Don’t worry, we get it! We’re all for shaking things up and going for something different. If you want to (pumpkin) spice things up this year, why not try:

Root Vegetables

Not only are root veg super versatile, but they’re currently at their peak (typically between Autumn and Spring)! Swede should be treated like parsnips – it’s great in mash, soups and roasted. Pair it up with some toasted cumin and a dash of honey for the ultimate, seasonal warmer!

Pumpkin Spice

Did you know that the iconic pumpkin spice blend… doesn’t actually include pumpkins whatsoever? When I first found this out, I felt my whole life had been a lie – but nonetheless, it still tastes amazing so I’m willing to get over it! The blend actually includes cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice and ginger. Since there’s no mention of pumpkin (apart from the name), we thought we could get away with including this here as an alternative to a pumpkin-heavy dish.

Why not give ‘pumpkin spiced pretzel granola’ a try? This seasonal gem is from our brand-new cookbook, ‘CBA with the Rules’, which has completely reimagined the rules of food! You can find your free recipe HERE. Don’t let anyone tell you when to have breakfast – enjoy this seasonal saviour at any time of the day.

  1. Easy Halloween Treats (Kid Friendly)

Finding easy Halloween treats that aren’t completely drenched in sugar can be tricky, especially when catering for kids! Here are some simple, vegan suggestions that will take the hassle out of the kitchen and keep to the spooky season theme:

Festive Hummus (Vegan friendly)

Opt for a roasted pumpkin hummus with crudites – visually pleasing and perfect for nibbles when guests arrive (this one is more for adults)!

Decorated Clementines

This is more of a novelty piece but should have smiles all around for the kids! Clementines look very similar to mini pumpkins… so go to town with edible decorations.

Fruit Kebabs (V)

This one is all about natural sugars! Give fruit kebabs a try with raspberry jam for that spooky look… feel free to add chocolate sprinkles for extra appeal.

Heinz Halloween Sauce (V)

Heinz has released a limited edition of vegan-friendly black garlic sauces for Halloween… And we’re obsessed with the concept! Not only will this be fun with adults, but the perfect way to make burgers and fries exciting for the kids.

  1. Knife Hacks

Are you worried about your knife tekkers for pumpkin carving or general cooking for the season? We’ve got you covered with some examples below:

Butternut Squash

When cutting something large in size like butternut squash, create a stable flat surface and balance the squash on this side before going in! 


This may not be very well known, but pumpkins are generally thin-skinned and soft. Given this, you can put the big, scary knives away. Instead, keep the knives small and always remember to cut away from yourself! To make things even easier, consider using cookie cutters for the pumpkin eyes – this will save you so much time!

  1. Halloween cocktails 

A spooky, boozy drink for your Halloween party? Yes, please. 

Beetroot Juice Martini

Shake up beetroot juice with gin, simple syrup and bitters – serve it neat. The vibrant, deep-pink/red colour will be the showstopper of the night!

Strawberry Gin

As a lot of you may know, Sorted paired up with the Sloemotion Distillery team and Annabel Makin-Jones from her ‘Deliciously British’ Yorkshire farm. As a result, we crafted our food-waste-fighting Strawberry Gin Liqueur drink using frozen strawberries… And of course, this means it’s the perfect colour for Halloween! 

To get in the spirit of the season, a couple of members of the Sorted Team remixed a classic gin sour, but added the Sorted strawberry gin and replaced the syrup with prosecco. 
And just like that, we’ve come to an end. We hope you have the best Halloween weekend… don’t forget to send us pictures and updates on Instagram or Twitter!