Spiced Butter Bean Hummus with Chorizo and Naans

In a world without chickpeas, what’re you making your hummus with? In our dish, we’ve used spiced butter beans instead, served with chorizo and naans… And it tastes incredible!

125 g chorizo
1 ea red onion(s)
4 tbsp olive oil
400 g tinned butter beans
100 g green olives
1 ea lemon(s)
2 tbsp tahini
1 clove(s) garlic
2 ea plain naan bread(s)
20 g almond flakes

1 – Prep the chorizo and onion
Cut 125g of chorizo into bite-sized chunks, then mince them like you would mince herbs, until a
semi-fine crumb is reached. Halve, peel and finely dice 1 onion on the same board.

2 – Preheat the pan
Tip 2 tbsp of the olive oil into a large frying pan and place it over a medium heat.

3 – Get frying
Once the oil starts to shimmer and loosen, tip in the chorizo and onion. Fry for 4-5 minutes, tossing
occasionally, until the onion softens slightly and the chorizo releases its fat. Get on with the rest of
the dish in the next steps while you wait.

4 – Heat the butter beans
Tip 1 400g undrained tin of butter beans into a large mixing bowl. Microwave on full power for 40-50
seconds to warm the beans through slightly – this will make blending them easier later. Roughly
chop 100g of olives while you wait.

5 – Drain the beans
Once the beans are ready, tip off around half the liquid they were cooked in to a small bowl,
reserving for later.

6 – Assemble the hummus
Finely grate in the zest from 1 lemon and squeeze in its juice. Add 2 tbsp of tahini, then peel and
finely grate in 1 clove of garlic. Season with a generous pinch of salt.

7 – Blend it up
Use a hand blender to blitz everything together in the bowl to form a smooth mixture that holds its
own shape. Loosen with a splash of the reserved bean water if necessary, then season to taste
with salt and pepper once ready.

8 – Add the olives
Preheat the grill/broiler to its highest temperature. Once the chorizo and onions are ready, tip in the
olives and continue to fry for 1-2 minutes – just to warm them through. Take the pan off the heat.

9 – Toast the naans
Pop the naans under the grill for 4-5 minutes, until golden and toasted. Flip halfway through and
get on with a bit of washing up while you wait.
Timer Instruction: Hey, that’s the timer for the naans. They should be golden and toasted on both

10 – Serve
Dollop the hummus into bowls and spread it out to form an uneven disc. Spoon the chorizo mix into
the centre of each bowl and top with 20g of almonds. Serve with the naans.