Our Community Recommends Nacho Toppings!

Another day, another EPIC foodie battle… This time the normals had the task of creating their very own ‘loaded nacho’-inspired dishes! The brief was pretty open and they let their imaginations run wild – what could’ve possibly gone wrong, right? The result was a whole lot of chaos and (almost) nacho interpretations, which were then judged by, not Chef Ebbers, but the Sorted team!

To celebrate the release of this video, we of course had to ask you all, our incredible community, what toppings you’d like to see on nachos. The more unconventional, the better! We’ve put together the most popular responses and spoken to our head of food, Kush, about any tips he has on making your nacho dreams become a reality. Let’s dive straight into some good food…

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala 

Ahh the belly-warming delight that is chicken tikka masala! This is a classic Indian-inspired dish that consists of boneless chunks of marinated chicken in a spicy, fragrant, curry sauce. As avid Indian food lovers ourselves, we can see exactly why this was chosen! 

However, if you’re looking to serve up the ultimate Indian-inspired nachos, why not opt for tandoori chicken tikka pieces instead? Using curry as a topping may ruin the nachos when left for too long, due to the risk of a soggy texture. The chicken tikka pieces would go beautifully alongside a chilli cheese style sauce, OR a coriander and green chilli sour cream dip and tamarind ketchup. If you need further inspiration, look up ‘chaat’ – a delicious, popular Indian street food!

  1. Dessert Nachos 

We had tons of responses with sweet treats galore –  which is no surprise given its rise in popularity over time! Did someone say chocolates, brownies and marshmallows *insert eye emoji here*? 

The trick here is to balance the sweetness with salt to get a foodie match made in heaven. Go for a miso caramel sauce to add that extra depth, roasted hazelnuts for texture and lime toffee sauce for the edge you didn’t know you needed! Given the season, Kush also recommends a star anise fruit compote for a ‘winter spice’ element. This sounds perfect to munch on whilst wrapped up in a warm blanket, in front of a Christmas movie… Is it too early?

  1. Christmas Dinner

Well, adding on to the last point, it looks like we’re right on time! ‘Tis the season to have Xmas nachos – this was by far the most popular response! British Christmas dinners are known for juicy turkeys, gravy, roast potatoes, veg and more… but would this convert well to a nacho dish?

The best thing to do here would be to avoid pouring gravy on top and instead have it as a dip to avoid sogginess! For toppings, chuck on some speedy, crispy sausage and crunchy bacon, with a couple of tangy cranberries. These hearty options will warm you up in no time and leave you feeling satisfied like nothing else

  1. Canada’s 27 Ingredient Nachos

This response truly left us speechless… In the best way possible! The Nourish Bistro & Bar in Alberta, Canada, is known for its world-famous nachos with over 27 ingredients! This includes everything from beans, quinoa, dill pickles, strawberries and so much more.

Kush’s top tip in dealing with a multitude of flavours? The key is not to try too hard. If you’re making something homemade and want to try something wacky, start by sticking to flavour combinations that you already know work and build it out from there. Why not make 3 different nacho bowls so the flavours don’t overlap? For example, Kush still remembers the Korean fried chicken nachos with gochujang cheese sauce and crispy rice cakes with kimchi on the side that he tried in Seoul. When eaten separately, they complimented one another so well!

  1. Seafood Nachos 

Seafood can be very hit-and-miss – either you’re a big fan or avoid it at all costs! A couple of people gave a special shoutout to caviar and shrimp for their straight-from-the-sea nachos. Known for its luxury status, caviar is a rare and pricey find… When putting the two together, it might be a little confusing!

Why not try shrimp boil nachos instead? Again, the key takeaway is to avoid drowning the nachos in too many wet substances. This will completely take away the enjoyment and not taste anywhere near as good as it should.

What’re your thoughts? Have you tried any of these before? Let us know your thoughts on IG or Twitter; we can’t wait to hear from you! Until next time…


Sorted Food x