Sorted – Your Best Friend In Food

12 years ago the four of us sat down at a pub table where the drinks and conversations were, of course, flowing. After reminiscing, something interesting came up – something we were all struggling with at the time… Finding the motivation and skills to cook at University (bar Chef Ebbers of course). The takeaways and late night kebabs just didn’t hit the same anymore, and money was being wasted weekly. After stumbling into this conversation, we quickly realised something… Surely, if we were having these problems, SO many others out there must be too. It was for this reason that Sorted Food was born. 

Fast forward to now and we’re one of the largest online foodie communities in the world, thanks to you… Yes, you reading this – our incredible, global family that has been with us every step of the way. Our mission above everything else has always been to bring people together around the joy of food – laughing and learning along the way! Our content has always tried to blend entertainment and teaching new cooking skills, tips and hacks to help make our lives easier in the kitchen. Community favourites have included ‘pick the premium’ videos, which question whether splashing extra cash on your food shop is truly worth it or not, budget cooking battles and exploring mind-blowing global cuisines. 

Over the many years, we’ve definitely been through a LOT of different life events together – highs and lows included. Right now we’re hearing that many people are having a tough time, with the unrelenting pressure of household bills at an all-time high. In fact, a recent survey of ours showed that 91% of you felt that you were spending more on food now than 12 months ago. And it’s no surprise why, given it’s been reported that UK grocery food inflation has hit a new record of 12.4%, whilst the annual grocery shop bill has increased by an average of £533! Of course, this financial hit isn’t just being felt in the UK, but in so many parts of the world.

Our goal is to help conquer these challenges in any way we can – and not just with our content. The idea of our Sidekick App is to revolutionise the way we all shop, plan and cook; making simple changes that stretch a long way. With over 100+ delicious Recipe Packs to cook from each week, the app plans your shopping list for you, using shared ingredients across each meal so you spend less and waste nothing. We believe that this can help millions of people to save hundreds of pounds on annual food bills, as well as significantly reducing food waste… Win win, right?

Since launching, Sidekick has helped serve up 800,000 meals and counting, helping us all to become better home cooks in the process. Our food team have had the time of their lives exploring and incorporating flavours from around the world into recipes for you! Some may ask, why have we taken this approach instead of a food box option? Well, as convenient as food boxes claim to be, they’re incredibly expensive and offer very limited flexibility compared to buying the ingredients yourself. Why would you pay a company to send you a small sachet of soy sauce if you already have a bottle in your kitchen cupboard? It’s a waste of money, a waste of food and a waste of packaging.

To help people understand the power of taking back control of our planning, shopping and cooking, next week we’re hosting a set of sold-out pop-up workshops in East London! We’ll be demonstrating top tips and solutions for planning, shopping and cooking with over 100 people in the room and thousands online through live streams to our community around the world. 

Together it feels like we can really make a difference – and honestly, this incredible journey would be nothing without you all. We want to continue to do the best we can to find changes that can have positive, long-term effects on the way we all think and cook. Here’s to many more years to come with the best foodie community in the world!


Sorted Food – your best friends in food x