Our Biggest Sidekick Update Yet!

With so many people looking for solutions to combat rising prices and stretched budgets, we all need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to how we plan, shop and cook at home. The initial reaction can often be to think about cutting back – cooking up more basic dishes that cost less… But what if there was another option that allowed us all to continue exploring our love of food without compromising?

Research included in the recent Birmingham Food System Strategy showed that 70% of all food waste in the UK happens at home, equating to £14 billion worth of wasted food every single year. Whilst this amount of wasted food is obviously terrible for our planet, the wasted money is more likely to be at the forefront of peoples’ minds as they try to make their cash go further.

With over 800,000 meals cooked and nearly 3 years of data and feedback, we can already see how valuable the ‘Recipe Pack’ methodology is to Sidekick users’ lives. Having a plan for the week, buying less food and sharing it across meals so it all gets used up leads to zero food waste, hundreds of pounds saved and a lot of satisfied tummies!

In fact, using the same research above, we can see that Sidekick can help people save an average of £30 per month, just by reducing their food waste.

So today we’re launching a major update to Sidekick with the purpose of helping people reduce their food waste and save an average of £360 per year on the food they buy… All whilst cooking up awesome meals!

From today, Sidekick users will be able to search, plan and cook from our whole catalogue of 100+ Recipe Packs, each and every week.

Rather than receiving a weekly credit, Sidekick users will now have the freedom to select from:

  • Brand new Recipe Packs
  • Ones they’ve cooked before
  • Any Recipe Pack from our entire catalogue

Recipe Packs will be browsable through a selection of curated categories, and users can search using specific ingredients, recipes or Recipe Packs.

Why the change? It’s really thanks to the whole Sidekick community over the last 3 years who have helped to guide the app and turn it into what it is today. We truly believe that planning, shopping and cooking using Recipe Packs could help millions of people across the UK and the world to reduce their food waste and save hundreds of pounds on their food bills every year. By offering more choice, it increases the likelihood that people will use the app on a regular basis and help them waste less food and save more money. 

But don’t just take our word for it, check out #SidekickChallenge on Twitter and Instagram to see the incredible dishes people are cooking up!

For more information on this update, check out our FAQs HERE.


Barry, Ben, Jamie, Mike and the whole Sorted Food Team x