Have You Tried These Global Breakfasts?

There are so many unwritten rules about what makes a good breakfast – each country undoubtedly has its own opinion. What may be completely normal to one nation, could be unheard of for another! For example, the iconic baked beans on a full English breakfast have been wildly debated… some love it whilst others think it’s bizarre! In an upcoming video of ours, we will explore global breakfasts that the guys have never tried before. Let’s take a look at a few more places from around the world and see if you recognise these morning meals…

  1. Hot Chocolate and Cheese

This breakfast is one of four featured in our video! For some, the idea of chocolate mixed with savoury cheese is something hard to imagine, but is a staple in Colombia. This actually comes as no surprise, given that Colombia is known for its cacao! The idea is to add your cheese to a steaming cup of hot cocoa and as the cheese begins to melt, you can scoop it out with a spoon and eat it. A comforting belly warmer to say the least!

  1. Ackee and Saltfish

The national dish of Jamaica! Ackee is a bright fruit introduced to the island by slaves arriving from Africa in the 1700s. When eaten unripe, ackee can be dangerous so it’s super important to wait until it’s fully ready! It begins as a pale pinkish colour and gets darker as it ripens; it has a nutty and slightly bitter undertone. Ackee is combined with saltfish, which in this case is typically cod. This match made in heaven is seasoned to perfection and whilst served as a breakfast, can be eaten throughout the day!

  1. Black Pudding

The marmite of sausages; you either love it or avoid it at all costs! Said to have originated from Europe (most specifically the UK and Ireland), black pudding is a distinct sausage typically made from pigs’ blood, fat, oatmeal and various seasonings. Traditionally, slices of black pudding can be served up alongside your breakfast, but also as a stuffing or in a stew! Back in 2016, black pudding had a moment of fame when claims started describing it as a ‘superfood’ given its rich antioxidants – no confirmations as of yet!

  1. Radhaballabhi

A vegetarian breakfast to spice up your morning! From Bengal, the iconic Radhaballabhi is a soft puri (deep-fried bread) stuffed with spiced dal (lentils). The type of lentils that is used for the dish can determine the overall taste. For example, using the typical cholar dal (a type of yellow lentil), the breakfast becomes slightly sweeter to balance out the savoury puri. Usually, it is served with a filling potato-based curry on the side – very different for those who are used to lighter morning picks!

  1. Hagelslag on Toast

Hagelslag, aka a ‘hail storm’ of chocolate sprinkles, generously poured on buttered toast, is a classic breakfast in the Netherlands enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Struggle to get out of bed in the morning? We’re sure this simple yet wonderful creation will do the trick! According to a statistic, 14 million kilos of hagelslag is consumed yearly (yes, you read that right)! Hagelslag doesn’t only come in chocolate, you can mix it up depending on your mood. Options also include fruit and anise… the latter definitely surprised us!

We need to know, have you tried any of these breakfasts? Tag us on Instagram or Twitter and let us know your breakfast thoughts (the more controversial, the better)!