It’s been another whole year of Meal Packs madness! We’ve loved having you on board for all our new Meal Pack launches in 2021. 

This year we also added new tags to the app so you can pick and choose according to what you’re in the mood for. Whether you’re looking for your comfort food fix or you fancy something budget-friendly, the handy tags will help you out.

So without further ado, here are Your Top 10 Meal Packs of 2021! Which was YOUR favourite?


10. Simple Summer (Budget-friendly, Mainly store cupboard)

In at number 10 was Simple Summer, a Meal Pack of 4 budget-friendly dishes that are perfect for the summer months. The sweet potato latkes were a big hit on social media, while the pea + roasted feta pasta put a new spin on that TikTok trend.


“Wonderful variety, not too expensive ingredients. Spot on portion.” (Felix)

“Cooking of all these dishes was super easy. Nice cheap shop as well but the flavours from it were amazing.” (Anon)

9. Triple Threat

Triple Threat launched just a couple of weeks ago on the app and immediately shot into the top Meal Packs of the year, thanks in no small part to our Grocery Shop Challenge video! It’s a gluten-free collection with loads of variety – try crispy beef nachos, meatballs with parsnip aligot + blackberry sauce and a spiced paneer, bean + coconut traybake. 


“Amazed at how well all 3 recipes worked. Super easy. Amazed at how little mess there was. The paneer tray bake was a HIT with everyone I fed.” (Anon)

 8. More For Less (Budget-friendly)

It was your favourite Meal Pack last year, and More For Less made it into the Top 10 of 2021 too! It contains 5 budget-friendly meals that rely mostly on store cupboard ingredients, making it a great last-minute choice. The pulled chicken + bean tacos are a Mexican-inspired must, while the mushroom meatballs make a great veggie alternative. 


“Great value, very very tasty meals and lots of new techniques and ideas we hadn’t used before!” (Marc B)

7. Treat Yourself

Another Meal Pack that also made last year’s Top 10, Treat Yourself is the ultimate choice for a few nights of indulgence. Meals include pulled chicken nachos, buttermilk chicken and flatbread pizza bianco, all on an affordable Meal Packs budget. Go on, you deserve it.

“Super fun and tasty! Even all three picky kids under age of 5 loved it” (Korina)

“Best nachos ever, I will definitely be making those again! … All of these recipes felt like a treat, but didn’t take too long to prepare for a weekday.” (Anon)

6. Summer Bowls (Comfort food, One pot)

Summer Bowls proved very popular this year, no matter what the season! And we can see why – it contains 3 simple, comforting meals that can each be done in just one pot. From the rich mushroom stifado to the fragrant chicken + ginger sticky rice, these are some simple classics you’ll cook again and again.


“Super easy and very flavorful. My 2 year old daughter LOVED these meals. The one pot method was fantastic for cutting down on cleaning.” (Suzi)

5. Simple Setup (Under 30 mins, One pot, One tray)

It’s another collection of one-pot, one-tray wonders! Simple Setup delivers on flavour in next to no time – all the dishes in this Meal Pack are ready in under 30 minutes. The sesame prawn noodle broth is a user favourite. 


“This may be one of the best packs I’ve tried since starting this year. Each one was fairly quick to make and tasted great!” (Adam B)

“Portions were generous, loved the shopping list. Our shop cost us 50% less than average and meals were easy and got [us] excited about trying something new” (Angela A)

4. New Skills (Comfort food, Under 40 mins)

A great Meal Pack that does what it says on the tin, New Skills gets you learning some quick tricks for making a whole load of favourite sauces. From a satay-style sauce for your chicken to a smoky chutney for your eggs + beans, it’s the perfect Meal Pack for levelling up in the kitchen while enjoying some delicious dishes. 


“All the meals were so easy and so delicious. All 3 will definitely become standards in our house.” (Anon)

“This is a great way to learn some new skills, without the stress that usually follows. We’re definitely going to do some of these recipes again.” (Anon)

3. Hearty Heroes (Spicy, Under 40 mins)

It’s our top veggie Meal Pack of the year – and also the only veggie option that made the Top 10! You saw Hearty Heroes for the first time in January 2021, and it has since become a firm favourite. It’s perfect if you cook for 1 or 2 people, and especially if you like mushrooms – try them in a mushroom tagliata with sweet potato mash and then in a spicy wild mushroom + tomato traybake. Super simple, super delicious.


“That traybake blew us away […] The entire meal pack was more flavorful than what I associate with mushrooms. Whoever did this pack is insanely talented” (Anon)

2. Winter Bangers (Under 30 mins, Comfort food, One pot)

Winter Bangers has long been a user favourite. 3 comfort dishes that can be made in one pot AND that take less than 30 minutes? Yes please. Warm up with the Italian sausage + bean stew, the honey mustard chicken + root veg casserole and the pasta alla Norma.

“All three recipes were really easy to cook and tasted great. Perfect for this time of the year and also really affordable ingredients” (Anon)

1. Home Comforts (Under 30 mins, Cook once, eat twice)

And that’s a wrap! Your favourite Meal Pack of 2021 was Home Comforts, a Mexican-inspired collection of meals that are all ready in under half an hour. Even better, you’ll cook once and get 2 meals out of it! Make up a big batch of sausage chilli and enjoy it with rice one day, then in a burrito the next day. The chilaquiles are the perfect third meal. 


“This was one of my favourite packs ever!!!” (Tony M)

“Ease of use, liked the cook once keep using idea, and delicious” (Anon)

And there’s loads more to come in 2022!

Grab your free Meal Packs trial to get access to these meals and everything else on the horizon.