Season 13 Episode 4

Eau de Ebbers and Discovering Cornish Pasta

It’s the fourth instalment of this season’s Feast Your Ears, and we’re back to tackle some of the hottest topics in the world of SORTEDfood based on YOUR comments! What’s in Baz’s Cornish pasta? Would you buy a Spaffbox? And if the boys were colognes, what would they smell like? Catch all of this, plus Ebbers’ top tips for flavour pairing and a shoutout to one of Jamie’s favourite food discoveries. Have a listen and get commenting!


Best soundbite“People want to smell like steak.”- Mike Huttlestone

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Ruby Tandoh’s essay on the Essex food scene is a great reminder that there’s a lot of exciting foodie stuff going on in towns and cities that aren’t London! What are the hidden gems in your neck of the woods?

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And read her essay here!

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