Ah food subscriptions. Sign up and the gift just keeps on giving! Until you cancel it, of course. They’re such a great way to explore new ingredients and products you wouldn’t find in the supermarket, as well as supporting local businesses and sometimes reducing food waste too. With so many different food subscriptions out there now, we thought it was high time we decided which are really worth it!

So without further ado, here’s our pick of the best. Treat a friend or grab a food subscription for yourself!  


Cake Tasting Club Subscription (£15 per month for 4 pieces of cake)

A must for dessert-lovers! With the Cake Tasting Club subscription you get handmade baked goods delivered straight to your door every month, made with what’s in season according to the time of the year. Know someone with a sweet tooth? Let them eat cake.  


Abel & Cole Monthly Cheese Club (£15.50 per month for 4 cheeses)

Fancy getting a load of new cheese to try without even having to leave the house? With Abel & Cole’s Cheese Club you get 4 different organic cheeses delivered every month. Discover crackin’ new cheeses for yourself, or make like our chefs and get your dinner party sorted in next to no time!  


Forage Box (£20 per month)

Foraging isn’t the easiest thing, unless you know what you’re doing. That’s where the Forage Box comes in – you get fresh, wild food straight to your door each month depending on what’s in season, so you can sample the best of what foraging has to offer. A really cool way to switch up your cooking.  


Bokksu Japanese Snack Subscription (prices start at $39.95/ around £30)

The Bokksu subscription promises its subscribers an authentic experience of Japan, delivering a box of 20-24 Japanese snacks and tea every month. They’re shipped directly from Japan, helping support small family-run businesses along the way! Great for discovering new snacks, but also perfect for those who are homesick for Japan.  


Pasta Evangelists Artisan Pasta (prices vary depending on the pasta)

Sample the taste of Italy from home with the Pasta Evangelists subscription! This one’s pretty flexible – you choose the frequency, choose the pasta and choose whether you want 1 or 2 portions. The food is very tasty, but it’s pretty pricey for a regular food subscription. You might be better off doing it for a one-off treat.    


SORTEDfood Meal Packs App (£4.99 per month)

Cooking can often be a bit of a faff. Why not take all the stress out of it with the SORTEDfood Meal Packs app? Our digital subscription service helps you plan your midweek meals, all while saving time, money and cutting down on your food waste. We’ll give you the recipes and the shopping lists each week, you just pick your fave, grab your ingredients and get going! And there’s no need to commit straight away – try it for a month for free.  


Earth & Wheat Wonky Bread Box (£6.99, once a month or every 1, 2 or 3 weeks)

Earth & Wheat is on a mission to reduce food waste by connecting bakeries with customers, sending them perfectly good bread that would otherwise have gone in the bin. Everything in our box was pretty much as fresh as could be, AND it cuts out loads of waste. Because the only thing better than a baked good is a guilt-free baked good!  


The Spicery World Kitchen Spice Subscription (£26 for 3 months)

Every month The Spicery creates recipes in their test kitchen and grinds up fresh spices to send straight to your door. You also get recipe cards to make a feast for 4 people. Ideal for *spicing* up your repertoire, all while learning and getting a new experience at the same time! You need to buy the rest of the ingredients for the dishes, but we reckon it’s still a bargain.  


Cocoa Runners Chocolate (£22.95 per month)

It’s chocolate like you’ve never seen it before with the Cocoa Runners Chocolate subscription. You’ll receive hand-crafted artisanal chocolate from around the world to taste and learn about from the comfort of your own home! And the subscription is designed to support the farmer rather than the middle man – what could be better? Get your chocolate fix all while supporting a good cause.  


Perky Blenders Coffee (£19.50 for 1 bag per month for 3 months)

Here’s one to keep you awake: Perky Blenders are sending you freshly roasted coffee with their subscription service. With lots of different blends to choose from, it’s ideal for expanding your coffee knowledge while working from home. Definitely worth the grind.  


Brixton Wine Club (£30 for 1 month of 6 wines) We love a clever foodie product, and the Brixton Wine Club subscription offers just that. They send you premium wines in cans of about 1-2 glasses, ready to drink at a moment’s notice. That means loads of variety without having to open lots of different bottles! Choose from red, white, rose or sparkling, or go for The Juice Box for a mixture.   


Little Cooks Co Cooking Kit (£8.33-£12.99 per month)

Fancy a helping hand in the kitchen? The Little Cooks Co Cooking Kits are designed to get your little ones started on cooking. Each month you get a box of recipe cards, including a healthy baking recipe and inspiration for a savoury family meal, plus the ingredients for the bake and a fun record for the kids to track their cooking. A great way to get kids inspired and cooking safely.  

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