Many of you will know that SORTEDfood began with the aim of teaching ourselves and others more about food and cooking. The journey we’ve been on over the last 10+ years has been nothing short of incredible, with new experiences and lessons coming at us quicker than we could ever have imagined.

So after 10+ years of being taught by the SORTEDfood chefs and experts from around the world, a lot of you have (quite rightly!) been wondering how much the ‘normals’ have actually learnt and where they sit on the scale of normal -> chef.

In the interests of self-improvement, and to help us figure out where the normals are at, we’ve put together a series of specific Chef Skills challenges for them each to take part in – focusing in on three key areas that make a successful chef: Technique, Creativity and Organisation.

Underneath each area is a series of Skill Badges that will be awarded to the normals if they can demonstrate an acceptable level of knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Here’s a list of the types of Skill Badges that are available, however this list is likely to grow/change over time depending on the guest judges we can get in to help us and, of course, your feedback:

Badges will be up for grabs during Chef Skills Challenge videos as well as in other videos, such as Ultimate Battles.

At the end of the challenge, scores will be added up and one of the normals will be crowned the Ultimate Chef Skills Champion. Here’s the current leaderboard:

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