Cooking tasty meals on a budget isn’t always easy. And beans on toast quickly gets boring!

So how do you do it? A little planning goes a long way – combining your ingredients across several meals is a great way to bring costs down and helps reduce food waste too. You’ll also need a good shopping list so you don’t end up splashing out on things you don’t need. If only there was an app for that…

The Meal Packs app has your back when it comes to affordable pre-planned meals. Here are our top picks for delicious budget-friendly cooking!

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1. Fab Five

One of our most popular Meal Packs when we first launched it, ‘Fab Five’ serves up an incredible 5 meals for the price of 3. How does it work? Our chefs have carefully designed it so you bulk out the expensive proteins with pulses and rely on cheaper staple ingredients for flavour. The white fish with veg fricassee is a summer classic, while the green bean pakora is a firm Food Team favourite! And there’s no stress about what to cook any day of the week – the dream.

2. Simple Summer

This brand new Meal Pack is already set to be a seasonal favourite! With 4 meals for the price of 3 you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck, and the recipes are all downright delicious. We’ve got our eye on the smoky chicken + pepper fideuà – our chefs have made the Valencian classic super accessible by using vermicelli rice noodles, chicken thighs and plenty of smoked paprika.

Coming to the app Friday 4th June.

3. Budget Bangers (V)

It’s double the portions in this Meal Pack! We designed this one specially so you make twice as much of everything – simply freeze half of each meal and enjoy on a rainy evening when you don’t fancy cooking. Or if you’re feeding a crowd, just don’t bother with freezing half. Try serving up the leek + blue cheese pasta for a meal that’ll impress a dinner party without breaking the bank!

4. Evening Warmth

Roast chicken doesn’t always work on a budget. But with this Meal Pack it does. We’ll show you how to really simply roast a chicken on day one, then we’ll guide you through using the leftovers to whip up a warming risotto – absolutely no waste! There’s also a delish spiced halloumi + lentil salad on the menu. The perfect Meal Pack to see you from winter to summer.

5. Batch It

Back to that old freezing tip. With this new Meal Pack you get 3 midweek meals and 2 extra portions for later! The simple smoky chorizo + chickpea stew and flaky sesame squash pastries are perfect for freezing, or try the charred harissa pork chops for a quick evening win.

Coming to the app Friday 4th June.

6. Cheap Thrills (V)

We heard from our community that saving money was an even bigger priority this year than ever before. That’s why we came up with our Cook Better, Spend Less Menu. ‘Cheap Thrills’ is one of our faves for feeding a family – with 4 meals for the price of 3 and everything from smoky bean chili to roasted pepper rice on the menu, it’s proof that you can cook up affordable meals without any compromise on flavour!

7. More For Less

This one makes your weekly shop really cheap by relying on some key store cupboard staples. Spice up dinnertime with the pulled chicken + bean tacos, mix up your meatballs with a rich mushroom ragu or serve up a real treat with chicken burgers + a feta ‘n’ gem salad. 5 meals for the price of 3!

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