It’s 2021 and you probably thought you’d seen it all. You’d be wrong. From pizza + quesadillas to pizza + waffles to burgers + mac ‘n’ cheese, there’s a whole world of weird and wonderful food hybrids out there. And they just keep on coming!

Some are strange, some are controversial and some are downright delicious. What do you reckon? Do you love a hybrid or should they never see the light of day? Check out some of our fave hybrid dishes and decide for yourself!


Cake Pops

It was the noughties and cupcakes were everywhere. So naturally the next step was to take the cake, coat it in chocolate and put it on a stick – and hey, you have a cake pop! Conceived in 2008 by blogger Angie Dudley from Bakerella, cake pops quickly became the perfect bitesize treat.

They’re still out there! Coco Pops get in on the hybrid action too in Jamie’s Popping Coco Pop Cake Pops – grab the recipe from the Ultimate Cooking Battles Cookbook.


Breakfast Yorkshire Pudding

What do you get when 2 classic British dishes meet on a Spoons menu and never look back? A fluffy Yorkshire topped with sausages, beans, mushrooms and all the other components of a killer Full English. Basically this hybrid is the love child you never knew you needed. 

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2 deliciously cheesy worlds collide in the unbeatable pizzadilla. With just a few ingredients, this epic hybrid of pizza and quesadilla is a quick win. Fill them with anything and everything you fancy and get them on the table!

Try the Pizzadillas with Smoky Butternut Wedges from the ‘Family Favourites’ Meal Pack.

Pizza Waffles

Poor pizza, always getting turned into ridiculous hybrid dishes. But it’s hard to say no when they taste this good! Filled with chicken, peppers and pepperoni and toasted for optimum cheese pull on your Cheddar and mozzarella, pizza waffles might just be your new best friend.

Try Barry’s Pizza Waffles from the Ultimate Cooking Battles Cookbook.


It would be a crime to talk about food hybrids without at least mentioning the hybrid that launched a thousand more, aka the cronut. An ingenious blend of croissant and donut, the cronut was brought to life by Dominique Ansel at his Manhattan bakery in 2013 and soon became copied the world over – suddenly you couldn’t move for doissants, crodoughs and even cruffins. They still exist – find one in your local cafe asap.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burgers

Some say it should never have been done. Are they right? The recipe speaks for itself. Creamy mac ‘n’ cheese meets chicken, bacon and loads of relish in perhaps the most indulgent comfort food known to man. 

Give Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burgers a go! Recipe from the You Are Sorted Cookbook.

Chip Butty

The OG food hybrid dish? How could we forget the humble chip butty, beloved to Brits since the nineteenth century. A simple but essential combo of chips and bread, the chip butty is a must alongside fish ‘n’ chips, or alongside a hangover. It’s so good that even Burger King started selling them in New Zealand in 2020 – though it’s safe to say not everyone was on board the butty train.


Chicken Parmigiana-Style Pasta

So you like chicken parmigiana and you like pasta. Meet chicken parmigiana-style pasta, an epic Italian-American hybrid of tender chicken in rich tomato sauce and gooey cheese paired with buttery herby pasta. It’s simple, it’s familiar but different and we love it.

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Paella Burrito

Dare we include this one? Go on then. Branded ‘a crime against humanity’ when he first cooked it, Jamie’s paella burrito combines an amazing ‘Spanish-style rice’ with red wine chorizo and puts it in a burrito. Yes, it got a lot of hate – and yes, it’s delicious.

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