Season 13 Episode 1

What Is a Shallot and Why Does Easter Involve Bunnies?

After months of Zoom/ Teams/ Meet etc, the guys are back with plenty more foodie chat! We’re switching it up this time, but don’t worry – Mike has come up with loads of fun new foodie segments, including ‘Acclaim or Shame’ and ‘Things We Should Know By Now But We Don’t’. Join us as we discuss big topics like shallots, Easter bunnies and… cod sperm. Plus, we’re digging into some of your comments on our videos!


Best soundbite: “How about the secretions of the anal gland of a beaver?” – Ben Ebbrell

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Scampi is the plural of scampo, so what is a scampo?! Which other foodie questions do you just not know the answer to?

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