Cooking for a family? Looking for recipes to feed a crowd? Or fancy a throwback to the dishes of your childhood? Look no further: we’ve compiled the best, tastiest, most family-friendly Meal Packs on the app!

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1. Childhood Classics (V)

It’s nostalgia on a plate (or 3) with this one! We’ve crammed this Meal Pack with classic dishes that always go down a treat. Sloppy Joes? Check. Mushrooms, Eggs and Wedges? Check. Potato Skins and Beans? Check.

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2. Cheap Thrills (V)

Keep it cheap and cheerful with a budget-friendly Meal Pack of 4 dishes your kids will love. Do breakfast for dinner with the Spanish-style Omelette and pack loads of delicious charred flavour into the Roasted Red Pepper Rice.

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3. Prep Ahead

Cooking for a crowd can be stressful. Get ahead of the game by doing all your meal prep in 1 day! The cheesy Pasta Bake and easy Pea and Pine Nut Pizza are perfect for feeding hungry families and friends in a hurry.

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4. Midweek Duo

The ideal Meal Pack for weeks when you need just that little bit of extra help! ‘Midweek Duo’ does what it says on the tin with 2 delicious family-friendly midweek meals. Our advice? Get the whole family involved in making their own pork fajitas with our creamy avo smash!

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5. Family Favourites

1 Meal Pack, 4 easy family favourites! Try the epic Pizzadillas in their SORTEDfood debut – pizza and quesadillas collide to create perhaps the cheesiest, most delicious dinner known to man.

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6. Thrifty & Nifty (V)

Here’s another great one for keeping your budget in check. The Cheese  + Tomato Risotto is a quick win with bags of flavour, while the Bombay Aloo makes the most of those potatoes lurking in your store cupboard.

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7. Kids’ Edition (V)

Our OG family-friendly Meal Pack ‘Kids’ Edition’ is full of simple but delightful midweek recipes. Upgrade the classics with homemade Butternut Fingers and a selection of fresh dips for your Eggy Soldiers. It’s a great one for introducing the kids to the kitchen too! 

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