Nowadays you can walk into any supermarket and find just about anything you could ever dream of eating. From pineapples to avocados, the choice is endless. But this can also be an expensive and less tasty way to eat. 

Instead, why not give seasonal eating a go? It’s as easy as eating the produce that is local to you as and when it’s available. This can include what’s harvested in your country or a neighbouring one. Here are just a few reasons why we love it!

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1. It’s Cheaper

Surprised? We don’t blame you. It’s long been a myth that eating seasonal produce costs more – probably something to do with the idea of expensive farmers’ markets and organic products. But in fact it will cost you less! Buying seasonally means buying products as and when they are harvested locally, meaning they will be cheaper because they are more available. Makes sense right? Check out your local markets for bargains – you can always buy in bulk and freeze what you buy for cravings further down the line!

SORTEDfood’s Top Tip: Keep costs super low by using the same ingredients across your meals – try the ‘Switch It Up’ Meal Pack to make the most of Canada’s spring produce.

2. It’s Tastier

Seasonal produce will nearly always taste better because it’s fresher and riper – your food won’t have been picked ahead of its ripeness and shipped across oceans, nor will it have been damaged in transit. Why eat a hard (and expensive) mango from the other side of the world when you could be enjoying a juicy apple from just around the corner? 

And seasonal eating doesn’t just mean fruit and veg! Things like cheese, meat and fish also have seasons. In the UK, lamb is best in the spring, while cod is better in the winter.

SORTEDfood’s Top Tip: Luckily, foods that are in season at the same time often taste good together! Spring vegetables like peas, broad beans and young spinach are a great combo. Try the ‘Spring Greens’ Meal Pack for some cracking spring dishes.

3. It’s More Nutritious

As well as being cheaper and tastier, seasonal eating is usually more nutritious too. Why, you ask? Because fresher produce has a higher concentration of the nutrients that would otherwise decline over the time taken to transport and store it. 

Plus, by eating seasonally you’ll get a wider variety of nutrients over the course of the year. This means a more balanced, varied diet. You’ll also get the nutrients you need for each season. Nature is super clever, so the produce that’s in season is often the produce that will best equip us for the weather and climate of that season.  

SORTEDfood’s Top Tip: Keep it simple. You really don’t need to go crazy with new recipes – seasonal vegetables are great tossed through pasta and salads, mixed into risottos and frittatas or even plonked on toast! Try the ‘Autumn Comforts’ Meal Pack for some fresh new ideas!

4. It’s Better For the Planet

We’re all trying to find ways to be kinder to the planet these days, and seasonal eating is just one of the ways you can do it. There’s a huge carbon footprint that comes with transporting fruit and vegetables across the world, not to mention the resources involved in growing and storing it. Eating locally grown food means minimal transportation and the effects of it – so it’s kind of a no-brainer!

SORTEDfood’s Top Tip: Make life easier by keeping a store cupboard of tinned basics like pulses to bulk out your seasonal meals. And remember that you don’t have to be perfect! Just being conscious of what you’re buying is a great start.  

5. It’s Better For Local Communities

So you’re not buying from somewhere halfway across the world. This means you’re probably also supporting local growers! Win-win, right? 

SORTEDfood’s Top Tip: Shopping local is great for the grower, but it’s also great for you. Ask at your local market or grocer to find out what’s in season. You can also read up on the internet about what’s in season where you are, or check packets at the supermarket to find out the country of origin.  


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