Since launching our Meal Packs app just over a year ago, our aim has always been to help take the stress out of midweek cooking by providing smart recipes that are not only absolutely delicious, but also packed full of clever hacks that save time, reduce food waste, and most importantly save money. 

Each step of the way, recipes within Meal Packs are created and tweaked using member feedback to make them as useful as possible. And now, with over 85,000 recipes being cooked from Meal Packs each month, that feedback has never been more valuable.

So when Mike, a teaching assistant from a primary school in Liverpool, got in touch late last year, we listened. He’d been using Meal Packs for a while and thought the concept could be really useful to parents at the school who were looking for ways to feed their families for less.

His email struck a chord with other messages we’d received from families around the country about the pressures they’re currently facing with homeschooling, working, and trying to keep their families safe, healthy and well fed – all whilst keeping an eye on how much money is being spent.

It became evident how important it is right now to ensure we’re all getting the most value out of the food we’re buying and eating… and we want to do what we can to help people cook delicious, nutritious meals for less.

Whilst money-saving tips from the community and within videos, recipes and blog posts are already helping, we know that together we can go further.

So our Product and Food teams began researching the issues that so families face across the country – chatting directly to the school in Liverpool and using data from food banks and food charities to try and understand current food habits, what the big challenges are, and see if there’s any way we can help families to cook wholesome dinners each week at a budget that works for them.

Our research showed that while parents overwhelmingly want to provide nutritious meals for their families, there are a number of barriers in their way – from cooking skills and nutritional knowledge, to concerns about the cost of food, food waste and fussy eaters. 

With the right levels of support and information, we think there is a major opportunity to help families create real positive change in their daily lives.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve used this learning to develop a set of four ‘Best Value’ Meal Packs that have been designed to provide delicious, nourishing meals for families of 3-4 people at minimal budget levels – putting twists on classic family dishes and using clever hacks to get the most out of every ingredient. 

These Best Value Meal Packs are now live on the app and you can find out more about them HERE.

But the work has only just begun – we now need to make sure these recipes and Meal Packs can truly help the families that need them, not just now but for the long term – so we’ll be working with the parents at the school in Liverpool to see how they get on, make any changes that are necessary and find more ways to help them in the kitchen.

We’re also starting to work with other schools across the country, giving their pupils and families free access to the Meal Packs app to ensure they get the support they need too.

This is very much the first step in making sure that the work we do is focused on helping us all cook better and spend less. With that in mind, we are keen to speak to schools, charities, media partners and businesses who can join us on this journey and help more people, quicker. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please get in touch with

The Best Value Meal Packs are available on the Meal Packs app right now – add one to your library and get cooking!! We’d love to know your thoughts and feedback on all of the recipes, so be sure to hit the ‘give feedback’ button once you’ve finished cooking!

If you haven’t signed up to Meal Packs yet, you can get a whole month absolutely free – click HERE to start now!

Thanks for joining us on this journey – we can’t wait to see how far we can go.

Jamie and the SORTEDfood team x