Sticking to a routine is hard at the best of times, not to mention during a pandemic! But studies show that creating and sticking to a routine is great for stress levels, productivity and mental health – so it must be worth a try, right?

Now we can’t speak for everything, but we can give you a few tips on something we know a lot about – food! Improve your routine and get your midweek on track with our simple foodie tips. Here goes.

1. Meal Plan Ahead

Ever find that those midweek days just run away with you? Get on top of them before things get out of hand by planning out your meals the weekend before. Work out what you want to be eating for the main meals of the day and factor in plenty of fruit and snacks too – you could also try making your own snacks like flapjacks, protein balls and granola so you don’t go hungry between meals. No more aimless staring into the depths of your fridge!

2. Save Recipes

We all have days when we just have no idea what to cook – even the Sorted chefs! Try saving your favourite recipes or recipes you want to try so you don’t waste valuable time scrolling through Google for inspiration at the last minute. Or why not open up your Meal Packs app? All your past Meal Packs will be saved to your library so you can return to your faves again and again!

3. Shop Smart!

Nobody wants to be running out to the shops in a panic in the middle of the week. Pick a day to do your big food shop for the week and plan it into your weekly routine. Make sure you’ve got a shopping list so you don’t forget the essentials or splash the cash on extra bits you don’t need! The Meal Packs app is here for you on this one – tick off what you’ve already got on the in-app Checklist, then copy the remaining ingredients to your personal shopping list before heading out.

4. Keep Your Store Cupboards Stocked

Having a key selection of essentials in stock at all times ensures you’re only ever 20 minutes away from a good meal. It will also make meal prep much easier and ensure you’ve always got some ingredients to work with for menu creation.

Here are some great things to have on hand:

  • Oil (olive, sesame and vegetable)
  • Spices (chilli flakes, curry powder, ginger, oregano)
  • Key condiments (honey, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, soy sauce)
  • Staple starches (basmati rice, pasta, egg noodles)

Check out the ‘My Staples’ tab on the Meal Packs app for our top store cupboard staples!

5. Get Organised

Organisation is key to streamlining your cooking and saving time. Invest in some good Tupperware and storage for those staples, then label them up so you don’t go seasoning pasta water with sugar! When you top up your store cupboard, put new purchases at the back and move the older stuff forward to avoid losing precious tins for ever more.

6. Make Time for Lunch

Back-to-back meetings while possibly juggling childcare too means your sacred lunch break sometimes gets neglected. But that midday break is essential for boosting focus and concentration in the afternoons and staying on track. No time to make lunch during the week? Get ahead with our first ever lunch Meal Pack, ‘Midday Fix’! Do all the work at the weekend and use your lunch break to eat and recharge for the afternoon.

7. Keep Your Meals Varied

Stave off the midweek boredom by making sure your meals are varied and delicious – you’d be surprised how much difference it can make! Planning exciting meals into your routine will keep things interesting and get you more inspired to cook! If you’re a die-hard carnivore, why not try one meatless night per week? The ‘Veg Ahead’ Meal Pack is full of exciting veggie meals! Or you could just try getting some new flavours into your meals – we love the smoky harissa in the ‘Spice It Up’ Meal Pack.

8. Plan for Leftovers

Even with a good meal plan, you probably don’t want to be cooking every day. Factor in leftovers so that you’re making enough to cover you for a few meals to minimise your cooking and washing-up. And remember your freezer! It’s always worth making extra portions for when you really can’t bring yourself to cook.

Ready to get on top of your midweek meals and start nailing your routine?

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