We’re all familiar with that midweek rush. The hours just disappear and suddenly you need a meal on the table, but all you’ve got is half a bag of potatoes and some mouldy veggies. 

This is where meal prep comes into its own! You’ll always have a delicious homemade meal on hand, and a bit of extra planning also means less money spent on unnecessary ingredients, less food waste, saving bags of time midweek and probably eating healthier too. 

We’ve asked our chefs for their top tips so you can up your meal prep game and enjoy incredible home-cooked meals every day of the week! 

1. Invest in Good Quality Containers

You wouldn’t start running in a scrappy old pair of trainers, would you? It’s the same with meal prep. The first thing you want to do is buy yourself some good quality containers with lids that actually fit. It will make meal prepping a lot easier and more satisfying, not to mention it’s better for the environment! The days of cling-filming bowls and searching through drawers for bent Tupperware lids are gone – and trust us, you won’t miss them.

2. Open Your Smart Meal Planning App

Struggling for inspiration on those busy midweek evenings? Luckily we’ve got an app for that! The Meal Packs app will give you a leg up with meal planning and get you cooking delicious stress-free meals every time. Browse the menu and choose the Meal Pack that takes your fancy, then use the handy checklist to buy exactly what you need for your meals that week. There’s loads of variety, so you won’t get bored!

3. Get Ahead

Time to fill up those fresh new containers! Pick a day and front-load your meal prep for the week, whether that means cooking up a big batch of food or prepping individual ingredients for meals later down the line. Why not try doing the work at the weekend to free up those busy midweek evenings? This month there are 4 new Prep Ahead Meal Packs launching on the app to give you a headstart!   

4. Freeze Whole Meals for the Future…

Unfortunately there isn’t always time to cook something hearty during the week. But that doesn’t have to mean reaching for the takeaway menu – use your prep day to construct meals like lasagnes, shepherd’s pies and pot pies to the point you would normally put them in the oven, then freeze. During the week just thaw them in the fridge overnight and bake for a super quick midweek meal with all the comfort of a long cook. 

5. …Or Portion Up Individual Ingredients

Meal prep isn’t just about cooking up whole meals ahead of time. Sick and tired of constant chopping, grating and peeling? Save yourself yet another day of it by prepping things like onions and peppers en masse and popping them into portioned bags to whip out at your convenience during the week. You can also try freezing them for mega speed later on!

6. Use Leftovers to Up the Flavour

Got leftover pesto, salsas or other herb-based sauces? Say no to food waste and freeze them in ice cube trays instead! On busy evenings you can just drop the cubes into pasta, risottos and midweek stews, give them a good stir and leave them to add amazing new depth to your meals – no effort required!

7. Grab a Sous-Chef

Ever heard the saying ‘many hands make light work’? Turns out it’s a saying for a reason, especially in the kitchen! A sous-chef will help you get your meal prep done much more quickly. Grab a partner or flatmate and get them on the peeling and chopping while you’re busy at the stove for super speedy cooking! And that means more time for Netflix later on.

Ready to get started?

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