Anybody else feeling the Christmas hangover? After a month of turkey, cheese, Yule logs and whatever else we could get our hands on, we reckon we’re not the only ones craving a little bit of health.

But you don’t have to head straight for crash diets and tough regimes that probably won’t last in the long run. Instead, a few healthy adjustments to your routine can make the world of difference! Here are some easy tricks to get you on track this year.

1. Go For Leaner Cuts

Meat gets a pretty bad rap these days, but that’s not completely fair… In fact, it contains loads of protein and great macronutrients. Just stay on the healthier side of things by swapping out fattier cuts like pork belly and chicken thigh for leaner ones like pork loin, chicken breast and sirloin steak.


2. Switch Up Your Cooking Methods

A really simple healthy hack? Try poaching your meat and fish in liquids like vinegar, wine or water instead of frying. And for veggies, try steaming instead of boiling – this helps retain their colour, texture and those all-important nutrients! 

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3. Mix Up Your Protein

We all love a steak every now and then (see above!), but eating a little less meat is never a bad thing. We’re not saying you have to completely cut it out – you can just make a few little changes to vary your diet and up your intake of other protein! Why not give lentils, beans and tofu a go? They’ll keep you just as full and are a great way of mixing up your diet. 

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4. … And Up The Flavour

If you feel like you’re losing some of that flavour, experiment with using different herbs and spices to boost the freshness and taste of your meals. Add them to soups, sauces and dressings to really take things up a notch. And remember, you can always freeze leftover herbs – store them in sandwich bags or ice cube trays for easy defrosting. 

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5. Lose the Cream

Ah, cream – it’s so tasty and yet so… indulgent! The good news is that you can replace the cream with lots of different things without losing any of its amazing texture. Our favourite healthy hack? Try swapping out heavy cream for things that feel really creamy and luxurious when blended. Beans, cauliflower and potatoes are all great options! 

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6. Give Fish a Go

Die-hard meat-eater? If the veggies just won’t cut it, try subbing some of your meat for fish instead – it’s super high in protein and antioxidants but low in fat! Plus, there are so many different options depending on what you’re cooking. Haddock is great in a fish pie, while tuna works perfectly in “meat”balls.

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7. Stay Balanced

Remember, a balanced diet is the key to staying healthy! You don’t have to deny yourself the things you love as long as you eat well most of the time. We’ve got a great variety of healthy and more indulgent Meal Packs over on the app – why not start there?

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