At Sorted we’re all about making dinnertime simple. And that includes those dinners where you’re trying to impress! The key to dinner party success? Plan ahead, keep things simple – and consider checking out the Sorted Meal Packs. 

Though now might not be prime time for entertaining, it’s still nice to put in a bit of extra effort sometimes and switch up your lockdown routine! We’ve compiled our top dinner party dishes in this handy list. Take your evenings up a notch and get planning for dinner parties to come…  

Roasted Pear, Feta + Ham Salad Starter

Get off on the right foot with this starter from our first ever 3-course Meal Pack. Combine a handful of ingredients for a show-stopping salad that looks fancy but is in fact super simple! The dream, right?

From the ‘Course You Can’ Pack

Parsnip Biryani + Yoghurt Dressing

Load up on the spices and aromas with an Indian-inspired biryani, and go left-field with parsnips instead of the traditional chicken. We recommend pairing it with a cooling yoghurt dressing – it looks like you’ve made that little bit more effort and it tastes delicious!

From the ‘Sharing is Caring’ Pack

Beef Stew + Butter Bean Mash

A warming stew always goes down a treat at a dinner party. We’ve pulled out all the stops with this beautifully tender beef number! Put a fresh spin on classic mashed potatoes and go for butter beans instead.

From the ‘Course You Can’ Pack

Linguine with Crab, Chilli + Parsley

Pasta is totally not a cop-out for a dinner party dish, at least not if you level it up with a few fresh ingredients. Crab, chilli and parsley are some of our go-tos. A top tip? Add plenty of your pasta water to your toppings while you cook – the salty, starchy water will give it heaps more flavour! 

Roasted Broccoli + Butternut Gratin

Here’s something for the veggies amongst your guests/ lockdown buddies! Whip up a crispy butternut gratin that’ll impress ‘em all. Ever tried roasting broccoli? It’s the perfect partner for your gratin. 

From the ‘Show It Off’ Pack

One-Pot Lentil Lasagne

We could all use an extra bit of help when it comes to cooking for several people, and a one-pot is a pretty failsafe choice! We love this lentil lasagne – prep it ahead of time and whack it all in one pan for a stress-free evening.

From the ‘Head Start’ Pack

Chicken Cacciatore + Wedges

With tomatoes, onions and loads of herbs, a hearty Italian cacciatore is guaranteed to get the flavours in. Serve it up with wedges for a crowd-pleasing dish. A fun fact? Cacciatore means ‘hunter’ in Italian, making this a classic hunter-style chicken!

From the ‘Impress Yourself’ Pack

Honey + Mustard Salmon with Roast Potatoes

So simple but so effective… Dress your salmon with honey and Dijon or wholegrain mustard – both of ‘em work great. Serve it up with crisp roasties for a main dish that’s sure to impress.

Like what you see? 

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