Season 12 Episode 7

Why Are We All Obsessed with Street Food?

From traditional cooking on the street to food trucks at trendy markets, the definition of “street food” is pretty broad nowadays. Today on the podcast we’re getting stuck into it! What’s so great about street food? Why do we like it and why is it just so memorable? Mike, James and Barry relive their top street food experiences and we hear some of your fave street snacks, from Greece to Uganda and much more! Plus, we discuss how the street food experience has changed and wonder if it’s had its day… What do you think? Do you still love a street food dish or are you done with it? Do you think it’s gone too far? Let us know in the comments!


Best soundbite“It was not the thing to eat at 10am” – James Currie

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According to, the value of UK street food markets is now £1.2 billion, and it grew 9.1% between 2017 and 2018. How do you see this changing in the next few years, especially with a global pandemic?

History of Street Food and Interesting Facts

Street food is now a billion pound business, but has going mainstream diluted its appeal?

Has Homogenisation Ruined London’s Street Food Scene?

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