Season 12 Episode 6

What’s the Difference Between Recipe Inspiration and Downright Plagiarism?

Oreos, cronuts and slutty brownies… they’ve all been involved in food plagiarism! From chefs copying other chefs to big brands copying other big brands, plagiarism in the world of food is more common than we might think. But where’s the line between inspiration and plain copying? Does giving something a name make it yours? We agree that plagiarism is morally WRONG, before taking a look at the law and wondering how it could be regulated… Tune in for chef James’s solution! What do you think: should plagiarism be punished, or is it a natural part of the cooking process? Do you have an alternative solution? Comment below and get involved!


Best soundbite: “Is this because you’re plagiarising Tom Fletcher from McFly’s entire dress sense?” – Mike Huttlestone

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With social media and the internet, it’s now easier than ever to copy what other people are doing without them even knowing it. Do you think this needs to be regulated? How?

One of these is the Cronut. The other is food plagiarism. And you can’t stop it

Gordon Ramsay was accused of copying a chef’s pasta dish

Recipes, Copyright and Plagiarism


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