Season 12 Episode 5

Can We Answer These Contentious Internet Food Questions?!

Our podcast on controversial food opinions proved that we all care a lot about our food! So today we’re heading back for more important discussion, with an episode on contentious internet food questions – you know, those online food debates that just don’t seem to get resolved. Is milk sweet or savoury? Do you eat or drink soup? Where does the cheese go in a cheeseburger? Join us as we try to get to the bottom of some of the biggest questions on the internet! And decide for yourself… Do you disagree with any of our answers? Do you have any other contentious food questions to debate? Get commenting!


Best soundbite“Straight from the udder, that is savoury” – Barry Taylor

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We’ve tackled a fair few thought-provoking questions in this episode, but Jamie and Barry still couldn’t come to an agreement on one of these! Milk: sweet or savoury? What do you reckon?

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