Season 12 Episode 4

How Does Colour Affect What We Eat?

They say you eat with your eyes… so how important is colour in what we choose to eat? That’s what we’re wondering in this week’s episode! With the help of Barry’s school graphics knowledge, we discuss what colours get us going when it comes to food, and why that might be. We debate the most unappealing food colours and get chatting about some of your examples of strangely coloured foods! Does ANYONE actually like black charcoal burger buns?! Plus, we find out what the ‘ketchup and mustard theory’ is… tune in to learn more! As always, we want to hear from you too – do you associate colour with particular foods? What crazy colour foods are there where you are? Comment below!


Best soundbite: “It’s like you’re eating the Batmobile” – Mike Huttlestone

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According to a recent Birds Eye survey, 80% of people consider green to be the healthiest food colour. Do you agree? Are there any other colours you associate with specific ideas or feelings?

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