Season 12 Episode 1

Why Are We So Fascinated With Fictional Food?

There are so many iconic food moments in the films, TV shows and books we love. Today we’re chatting about some of our fave fictional food moments and sharing some of your examples! With plenty of sarcasm from James, we dig into why we’re so fascinated with fictional food and discuss the success of a certain YouTube food channel that isn’t Sorted… And we wonder if fictional food can go too far. Is there any value in creating food just for the clicks? We wanna know what YOU think! Have you recreated any foods from films or TV shows? Are there any you dream of creating or any you’d like to see us have a go at? Comment below and get involved!


Best soundbite:“A musical morsel supreeeeeme” – Barry Taylor

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There’s a new wave of people creating foods that look impressive on camera but will probably never be eaten. What do you reckon? Is it worth it? Or is this a step too far for fictional food?

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