Season 11 Episode 10

Does the Student Food Experience Really Suck?

Chips, beans and cheese toasties… Get ready, because today we’re talking about the student food experience in all its glory! We’re heading all the way back to 2005, when Ben Ebbrell and Jamie Spafford were just starting out at uni. We discuss what student cooking is like and hear some of your uni nightmares, while Ebbers does his best to convince us that it isn’t really that bad… With so much food content available now, we’re wondering if the student food experience still sucks. If you’re a student, let us know in the comments below! Has your experience of cooking been the same? Do you have any pearls of wisdom for future students?


Best soundbite“You either leave lockdown chunky or hunky” – Ben Ebbrell

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According to a Barclays study, today’s students are much more inclined towards healthy eating. So much so that there’s been a 266% increase in the popularity of avocados compared to in the ’90s! But why do you think this is? What has changed?

These Are the Current Foods Students Eat Compared to 20 Years Ago

Analysing student eating habits

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