There are lots of skills you need, and can easily nail, to succeed in the kitchen. But once you’re a pro at the basics, you can move on to more exciting, more advanced skills to impress your friends with. 

We’ve designed the Sorted Club: Packs meal subscription app to help you knock up tasty, budget-friendly midweek meals. But who’s to say you can’t learn a few more skills along the way, so you can go on to use them in all sorts of future recipes?!

1. Foolproof Flatbreads

The perfect accompaniment to curries, tagines and all your favourite dips… Flatbreads are surprisingly easy to make. AND they only use a few ingredients, so you can cook up something delicious without breaking the bank! Once you’ve mastered the basics, why not try mixing up your flatbreads with a few new twists? Garlic and herb is always a crowd-pleaser, or try smoked paprika for a bit of a kick. 

From the ‘International Challenge’ Meal Pack.

2. Light-as-Air Cheese Soufflé

Thought soufflés were hard work? Think again, because our recipe is fail-safe! You’ve just got to follow the simple steps and give ‘em a bit of care and attention. A handy hint is to add a tiny bit of cream of tartar to your egg whites – it’ll make them stronger and prevent the dreaded collapse. Plus, the Packs app will talk you through the whole process with handy audio guides. Then you’ll be ready to wow dinner party guests with the fluffiest cheese soufflés! 

From the ‘Fail-Safe’ Meal Pack.

3. Super Sauces

A great sauce will level up even the most basic of dishes. The Packs app will have you crafting all kinds of sauces you never dreamed of mastering! Brunch got you feeling fancy? Have a whirl at our hollandaise for a silky sauce that won’t split on you. Want something fresh? Try our take on the Argentinian chimichurri for barbecued meats or veggies. Or why not go for a classic peppercorn sauce you can use time and time again? 

From the ‘Fail-Safe’ + ‘Saucy Classics’ Meal Packs.

4. No-Fuss Gnocchi

Cook your way to potato pillow perfection with Sorted Club: Packs. We’ve put a twist on the classic gnocchi by using sweet potato instead! A top tip? Gnocchi is all about adding as little flour as possible, all while making sure your dough isn’t too sticky. Once you’ve conquered your gnocchi the options are endless – serve with creamy spinach, bacon and pine nuts like we’ve suggested, or swap in other veggies and sauces and plenty of cheese.

From the ‘International Challenge’ Meal Pack.

And there’ll be loads more super recipes heading your way as we release brand new Packs every month! You might learn some skills without even realising it…

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