Season 11 Episode 7

How Has the Digital Era Changed the Way We Consume Food?

We now consume food content online more than ever before. But as we click and swipe, are we losing the art of real cooking? In today’s episode, Mike Huttlestone, Ebbers Aurelius and Barristotle ponder the digital era and how it has changed our relationship with food, for better or for worse. We think about lockdown and a possible backlash to the world of convenience, and wonder how Sorted fit into all of this as a company that uses tech. How do you interact with food on social media? What’s the future of food and technology? Let us know in the comments!  


Best soundbite: “You don’t wanna talk to someone while you’re on the toilet do you? You wanna watch some great food content” – Mike Huttlestone

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We’ve discussed all kinds of controversial opinions, but Ebbers has kindly left us with something to really think about: do you agree that fast food chains should contribute a percentage of their profits to public health funding?

The Future of Food Is On Instagram

How AI, AR and VR are making your food experience technical

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