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It’s no secret that we like food at Sorted. But we also believe that half of the joy of food is spending time with other people. We designed the Sorted Club: Packs app with friendship in mind. 

Whether you’re cooking with friends or family, meal subscriptions offer a really smart solution that helps get everyone in on the fun. So how exactly do they help you cook better together? Here are just a few ways…

1. Keep It Varied

We all get sick of banging out the same meals, day in, day out. Leaving that choice to a chef will help you live your best foodie life. With a meal subscription you get a whole new world of options you might never have thought of. Aubergine fajitas? Check. Banh mi? Check. Katsu noodle soup? Check. Choose your Pack together and enjoy discovering new things. You’ll learn lots of skills and cooking techniques together too! And new recipes every week means you’re guaranteed to get more inventive each time. 

2. Save Those Pennies

It’s great to treat yourself with a fancy meal for one, but there’s no denying that the costs can mount up when you’re buying a whole range of ingredients for just one dish. The exciting recipes in the Sorted Club: Packs app are designed for 2-4 people, cutting the costs for you and everyone else! There are crossover ingredients between the 3 recipes in each Pack too, bringing down the cost of every meal. What’s more, you’ll use everything you buy, so you’re wasting less too. What’s not to love?!

3. Streamline Your Week

Nobody likes the stress of having to come up with a new meal every day, especially when you and your mates just can’t decide on what to cook. A meal subscription service does half the work for you. With your meals planned out, there’ll be fewer arguments over what you’re eating, and you’ll have more time for the stuff you really want to spend your time doing! We designed the shopping lists on the Sorted Club: Packs app so you don’t have to waste time faffing in the supermarket either – simply check the pre-built list and pop the ingredients in your shopping basket along with the rest of your weekly shop. Job done. 

4. Work To Your Own Budget(s)

There are some food subscription options that deliver all your ingredients, ready to go, and they’re great. But what’s special about Sorted Club: Packs is that we give you tried and tested recipes and leave the shopping to you – and your pals! This leaves you free to make the most of your local markets, butchers and fishmongers. And you can refill those store cupboard essentials at refill centres too! So whether you guys want to splurge a little on a fancy cheese or are keeping to a strict budget, you can shop together in the smartest way. 

5. Speed It Up!

Let’s face it, one of the biggest advantages of cooking together is that it is just quicker! Delegate the kitchen tasks and have your meal ready in record time – get someone on the chopping, someone on the frying and someone else on the washing up. The audio guides on the Sorted Club: Packs app will give you handy hints on managing your time in the kitchen and cleaning up as you go along, so you can eat without that dreaded kitchen mess looming over you. And if you’ve got someone to do it for you, even better! Less time in the kitchen means you can spend more of those sacred midweek evenings together. 

We’ve added extra special audio guides to this month’s Meal Packs to guide you AND your sous chef through every step! Check it out here.

6. Boost Your Lifestyle

There are few things quite like the joy of cooking with others. Chopping together, cooking it all up, and then waiting for that final moment when it comes out of the oven… It’s a beautiful process, and a fun way to spend quality time with other people, whether that’s your partner, your flatmates or your kids. Not to mention that you can steal other people’s cooking tips and tricks along the way! All that’s left afterwards is to sit down together and enjoy a good old chat over your creation.

Not a Club member yet?

Sign up here. 

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