Season 11 Episode 5

A Decade On… Are We Done With Sharing Plates?

Communal dining has been perhaps one of the biggest trends of the past decade. From those oh-so-Instagrammable sharing plates to long long benches at street food markets, everyone is getting in on the act. We chat about why communal dining has become so popular recently, and whether or not we even enjoy it. We discuss the dos and don’ts of sharing food and wonder: has it had its day? And will coronavirus be the death of communal dining…? What do you guys think – do you enjoy feasting on sharing plates? Do you have any idea where dining might go in the future? Please SHARE your thoughts with us in the comments below!

 Best soundbite: “You need to tell people when you’re doing small plates. You have to – it’s the right thing to do” – James Currie

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Coronavirus has changed a lot of things for us, including the way we eat. Have you still been able to dine with friends and family during this period, even if you can’t share food? How do you think this pandemic will affect communal dining in the future?

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