Season 11 Episode 4

Do We Really Know What’s in Our Food?

The label says it’s vinegar, but what is it really…? Today we investigate the subtle art of fraud in the food world. What is it, why does it exist, and who is policing it? And when does clever marketing become genuine fraud?! We look at some different types of food fraud and discuss how we feel about it. Plus, Ebbers gets ideas for his blockbuster Netflix series – watch this space… So, have YOU ever been food duped? Comment below with your examples!

 Best soundbite: “I’m now really worried about Ebbers the Enforcer coming and knocking down my door” – Jamie Spafford

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Lots of products are described as being “organic” or “homemade”, when that might not be strictly true. Are you more likely to buy products that are marketed in this way? Do you think this kind of marketing is fraudulent, or just clever?

The Way We Eat Now – Bee Wilson

The vinegar you’re using at fish and chip shops isn’t actually vinegar


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