Season 11 Episode 1

Diving into food cravings; what are they and how do you beat ’em? 

Today we uncover the science behind food cravings. We chat about the whats and the whys when it comes to craving certain foods over others. With an abundance of facts and studies from Ebbers, we discuss how we might be able to overcome the burning desire to scoff our faces with the foods we crave. And let’s be honest, we’ve all routed around our bins for a snack once or twice right? Or is that just Mike? Comment below and let us know how you beat your food cravings!


 Best soundbite“I’m just hungry and the way to fix that is to eat a sandwich.” – Jamie Spafford

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Cravings last between 3 – 5 minutes. If you can master being strong and distract yourself with something else for 5 minutes, then the craving will pass. Question is – what kind of things will keep you distracted?

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