Season 10 Episode 10

Why Do We All Scream for Ice Cream?

Ice cream is a foodstuff that continues to see a huge innovation year after year, but why on earth do we all love it so much? In this episode, we chat about where ice cream all began and how it’s become the cool, creative product it is today. Listen to all the bizarre and incredible flavours you shared with us when we asked for your experiences, and find out what get James and Mike going when it comes to texture and flavour. We reminiscise on some of the stand out ones we’ve tried around the world and try and work out what we think is the next big thing in the ice cream industry. What flavours do you want to see on ice cream menus in the future? Comment below!


 Best soundbite: “I’ve never sat down and broken down an Ice Cream flavour like this before!” – Mike Huttlestone

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Is artisanal ice cream really a level up from the typical shop bought ice cream or is it just appealing because of the unfamiliar flavours? Is something like blue cheese ice cream really better than a standard tub or are we just drawn to it because of the creativity behind it?

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