Season 10 Episode 9

Are We On The Brink of the Biggest Shift in Collective Food Habits In a Century?

The world’s population has been forced to be the most restricted and therefore adaptive since World War 2; are we on the brink of a turning point with our daily food habits, lifestyle and diets? Today we use your contributing thoughts from the past few weeks to speculate about all the things that we might have learnt through this unique period and discuss whether people will come out more open minded or whether these new habits will die hard when life goes completely ‘back to normal’.


 Best soundbite:”I can not WAIT to have lobster or a lobster roll in garlic butter” – Mike Huttlestone

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Is the absence of restaurants forcing people to try and re-create the dishes at home, or are there just certain things that should be left up to the experts?

Meat Plants Remaining Closed

Meat Shortages

Disney Parks Donating To Food Banks 

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