There are so many options for midweek meal subscriptions out there these days, from your food subscription boxes that ship out your exact weekly ingredients to spice kits that help you get started with scratch cooking. In our opinion, it’s all brilliant! We’d much rather see people embracing the cooking life instead of opting for takeaway or microwave meals.

We created the Meal Packs app as our own smart solution to improving food routine and lifestyle through food. There’s nothing worse than dreading that time you get home after a long day because you’re stressed out over what’s in your fridge and what you should eat. You deserve a brilliant plate of nosh, and you should be able to enjoy making it! No matter what.

The Meal Packs setup is pretty unique! You do your own shopping each week and we provide you with everything you need to plan, prep, navigate your kitchen, smash through the washing up and enjoy a variety of delicious midweek meals every day.

Here are the 7 things to make use of on the app in order to completely transform your midweek routine.

1. Stock Up On Cupboard Staples And Buy Fresh Every Week

Every Meal Pack and every recipe is built off a split of ingredients. The first half of the ingredients you’ll need each week are part of the ‘staple store cupboard list’. You’ll hear us bang on about these a lot. Stocking up when you first begin to use the app and using the same recurring list time in, time out, is what keeps costs mega low and ensures your weekly shopping basket is as small as possible.

Then the second half of the ingredients you’ll need are the fresh ones. These are what give the Meal Packs and their meals variety. You can shop for these each week, and top up your store cupboard when you notice items are low.

The app provides a smart shopping list tool to help you manage all of the above. We’ve got your back!

2. Shop To Your Own Comfort Level

We’ve created the framework to be accessible to all! You’re in control of your weekly shop and your own staple storecupboard. On a budget? Shop for the bargains! Got more time on your hands? Scope out local markets. It’s up to you what quality and grade you’re able to opt for.

3. Embrace The Audio Kitchen Guides

Following complicated recipes and covering your phone with sticky food is a thing of the past. All the midweek meals on the app come with full audio kitchen guides. A member of the Sorted team will take you step-by-step through the kitchen, explaining every detail as you go along. They’ll also make sure you tackle things like wiping down your station or washing up utensils in the downtime. So when you’re finished cooking, you’re pretty much finished for the evening! Apart from tucking in, of course.

4. Aim For A No-Waste Lifestyle

Remember what we said about the store cupboard vs fresh ingredient split? Well, we also make sure that you only buy what you’ll use when it comes to fresh. We’re all about that minimal waste! Win-win all round. You’ll save your pennies and feel good knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment.

5. Get On Board With The Monthly Theme

Each month on the app we release new Meal Packs that centre around a wicked theme. They’re designed to improve your lifestyle! For example, Meal Packs designed to help you buy back time in your evenings with 20-minute midweek meals, or Meal Packs that teach you a brand new cooking skill in each recipe. Keep an eye out for them and improve your cooking repertoire.

6. Submit Your Twists, Feedback And Request Your Favourite Meals

We really do listen to you as a user. We want to develop Meal Packs full of midweek meals that you’ll absolutely love. We like sharing what we call ‘twists’ with the whole community. If you’re not a fan of a particular ingredient, we’ll share other options for substitutions to make meals more suitable for your tastes. And, if you let us know through the feedback buttons in-app, we’ll even develop your favourite meals! Keep an eye out in the club menu!

Well that’s all we can really tell you at this point. Best you get started on the app! You can try it for free, so why the hell not? Start your journey today with Meal Packs.

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