Season 10 Episode 8

How Does Something Make The Cut As An Official ‘Kitchen Gadget’?

Ahhh kitchen gadgets – we’ve got to admit we have a big soft spot for them. In this episode, we reminisce on some of the gadgets we’ve reviewed in the past, from the good, the bad, to the downright novelty. But some gadgets might have a positive effect on your confidence in the kitchen and help you learn new culinary skills, we ask each other do they really aid learning or take the need to learn away?

Best soundbite: “Look good and the rest will follow, i’ve heard you say that more than 27 times” – Jamie Spafford

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When is the use of “smart” in kitchen gadgets just a buzzword? Does a gadget have to be techy to be impressive and useful? Does a coffee machine really need an app?!

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