Season 10 Episode 7

How Do Names of Foods and Brands Affect Your Perception of Them?

In today’s episode, we take a closer look into food brands and why their names and products are so carefully chosen. How big of a role do these names play when we go to the Supermarket – are we tricked into buying things because they have more appealing names? After all, rainbow trout outsells brown trout 5:1! From food shopping to dining out, we uncover the importance of names and how consumer purchase habits are influenced by this. We also have a good laugh with some real rebranding failures… Pasta Hut, really?! How important is a name for you? Based on what you read on a menu or on packaging, are you really influenced by what you see? Comment below!

Best soundbite: “Salad cream is one of the most universally applicable lubricants known to man” – Jamie Spafford

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We delve into the world of PR and marketing in relation to branding, looking particularly at popular brands that change their name for short periods of time – is this a big whopping branding mistake or a clever PR stunt?

Tangerine vs Orange: Pasta Hut’s

Rebrand: Cif’s


Corona Beer Affected By Coronavirus?:

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