Season 10 Episode 5

Do You Agree With These Controversial Food Opinions?

Everyone’s got their opinions when it comes to food. Today, we’re exploring some of your most startling food controversies that you admitted to us… get ready for a debate like no other. Starting with some of life’s true mysteries, does orange juice belong on muesli? Do mushrooms belong in the ground rather than on our plates? And most importantly… is a hotdog just a regular old sandwich? We also learn about some unusual opinions amongst us, will the opinions divide the masses?! If you haven’t told us yours already, then now is your chance, comment below with your controversial food opinion that we realllllyyy need to hear.

Best soundbite: “They walk through the local forest picking up random leaves going ‘we’re going to call this the bay leaf'” – Barry Taylor

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There’s honestly too much to count in this episode. But have a think on this… is plating food a waste of time or an essential part of appreciating a meal? Plenty more where that came from. Tune in!

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