Season 10 Episode 4

The Total Obsession of the British with their Pubs!

It doesn’t get more quintessentially British than a trip to the pub, and we love ’em here – after all, it’s where our story began! In this episode, we discuss the important role a good old pub plays in a community, alongside the vital role of sports. We reflect on the changes in pubs over the years, including the emergence of food sales across the pub industry. What’s the equivalent of a pub where you’re from? Have you got any great pub stories to share? We could talk pubs for dayssss. Comment below and tell us all about your experiences.

Best soundbite:  “It’s always Barry that tends to leave before his round.” – Jamie Spafford

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With breweries getting larger and a new wave of home delivery alcohol – is this the end of our beloved pubs as we know it?

The History Of The British Pub:

Decline Of Pubs:

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