Season 9 Episode 9

Can the power of language actually affect our food choices? Or are we speaking courgette?

There is nothing more powerful than the language we use (except for food of course!), so today we explore how food and words heavily rely on each other. Listen as we pick apart menus to see if restaurants are going over the top in their descriptions, and guess along with us as we read out some ridiculous food idioms from all around the world. Get involved and let us know a time when a food menu has influenced YOUR choice of where you dined and why. Comment below!

Best soundbite“If you came along and farted in my porridge, I would find that disrespectful.” – Mike Huttlestone

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If you look at high-end restaurants that are run by famous chefs, they use less words to describe the dishes on the menu If you look at more affordable places, they use a detailed description to explain their dishes. Is this to convince us that it’s more tasty than it actually is? Does the price tag attached to high-end restaurants let us trust them more, so therefore they don’t need to go above and beyond in their food descriptions?

The Language of Food:

*Well worth a read… so many little nuggets of gold!

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