Get ready as today we venture out of the studio (and out of our comfort zone!) to tell you all about our weird and wonderful dining experience. We headed to The Clink, a restaurant INSIDE Brixton Prison that is solely run by inmates whose sentences are nearly up. The inmates enrol in a programme to learn valuable skills they can take with them into the outside world, and evidence shows they are less likely to re-offend once they’ve completed it. The food industry can make an amazing difference to communities and we want to know what you think about it! Would you be open to dining in prison and supporting programmes like this? Tell us all about your experiences if you have been to one already, or let us know if you disagree with them. Comment below so we can get chatting!

Best soundbite: “This was the hardest part bit. The most gorgeous well trained dog came up to sniff us… and we weren’t allowed to pet him!” – Ben Ebbrell | Facebook | Instagram |Twitter