Season 9 Episode 6

What are food rules and can they actually make a difference to your life?

Buckle up guys, we’ve finally got an expert to show us what’s what! Introducing Gavin Wren, a food policy specialist who has published some easy to follow food rules, that’ll help us make a difference to our day to day lives. We ask him ALL the questions you can imagine to really understand how food rules can actually impact us, and how we can apply them to be a little bit better than we were yesterday. What’s the one thing you could do to make today better than yesterday? Tell us about it below!

Best soundbite“Gavin Wren. Making Food Policy sexy again.” – Mike Huttlestone

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Did you know that eating with friends is proven to have a bigger positive impact than eating solo and provides an overall healthier lifestyle?

Here are some amazing books for you, if you’re up for taking this topic to the next level…

Michael Pollan’s Food Rules:
Jay Rayner’s Food Commandments:

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