Season 9 Episode 5

What Actually Makes An Ingredient ‘Pretentious’?

One of our most popular formats on YouTube is our ‘pretentious ingredients’ series where we review food items that some may deem just completely unecessary and ridiculous. It’s something we stumbled across when walking through a high end food hall in London one day. But in today’s episode we take it slightly further and try to define what exactly makes an ingredient ‘pretentious’. We have a whole host of your comments to help!

Best soundbite“To be honest that’s why Barry’s here today, he’s a professional pretentious-ist.” Ben Ebbrell

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Does it matter if an ingredient is pretentious or not? Can we just accept that not all foods are for all people? Or actually is it just another way for us point fingers and divide opinions?

Instead should we celebrate artisanal… new and small, local businesses? And is it fair that we (with our tongues firmly in our cheeks) have a dig and stick up our noses at some of the products that are being sold… presumably they are working. There is a market for them?

Pretentious’ Dictionary Definition: attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed.

‘Pretentious’ History: A word that’s been in use since the mid 1800’s in the English language when it stemmed from the French term “prétention”. It has lost popularity recently, in modern times.

‘Pretentious’ Synonyms: toffee-nosed, showy, flashy, pompuss, ostentatious, flamboyant, fancy-pants, posey, inflated, elaborate

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