Season 9 Episode 3

Chefs’ Tips For Reducing Food Waste In The Home

Today we look into food waste specifically in our own homes. Why do we end up wasting so much food? How much does it cost us? Most importantly, how easy is it to fix? During the episode we answer your questions directly using the Sorted Chefs’ knowledge AND give you amazing tips for creating ‘Bestovers’.

Best soundbite:“If you want to be a weirdo, eat the whole apple. That’s all I’ve got.” – Mike Huttlestone

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It’s costing the average family in the UK £700 a year ($1500 in the USA) in home food waste… a whopping 40%!?! That’s like walking out of the supermarket with 5 bags of shopping and leaving 2 (that you’ve paid for) at the entrance. Just dumping it. Gone. Useless. Wasted.

Here are the most wasted food items in UK homes according to River Cottage

#1 Bread
Over 240 million slices of bread are chucked away every year.

#2 Milk
Around 5.9 million glasses of milk are poured down the sink every year.

#3 Potatoes
We discard 5.8 million potatoes each year.

#4 Cheese
Cheese lasts a very long time, so there really is no excuse if you chuck it away!

#5 Apples
A staggering 1.3 million apples are thrown away each year.

We’ve made a few developments to Season 9 based on your valuable feedback. The main one being the decision to focus more on the audio quality of the podcast episodes as the vast majority of users are listening to them on-the-go. We know there have been some concerns with the sound volume in episodes. We’re now using a new studio and working towards improving this tenfold. Please continue to let us know if you’re experiencing issues by emailing in. This does, unfortunately, mean from this season onwards, we’re removing the video element of the podcasts in lieu of the above. We hate to disappoint, so if this does seriously affect your enjoyment of the podcasts please email us, where we can explain further. Don’t forget we’re available at If you want to contribute ideas or want to hear us discuss a particular topic then email us at