Cornflake French Toast

[wcm_nonmember]<!– –><div style="text-align: center"><!– –><img src="https://cdn.sorted.club/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Bucket-List-graphic.png" alt="" scale="0" style="max-width: 30%; margin-top: 20px"><!– –><!– –><h2><!– –>Unlock this Story<!– –></h2><!– –><p style="padding-bottom:25px"><!– –>Stories from the 'Bucket List' book are only available to members<!– –></p><!– –><a class="et_pb_button" background-color: #ffffff"<!– –>href="/product/digital-club-membership/">join the club</a><!– –></div><!– –><!– –>[/wcm_nonmember]<!– –><!– –>[wcm_restrict]<!– –><!– –><div class="page" title="Page 44"><!– –><div class="section"><!– –><div class="layoutArea"><!– –><div class="column"><!– –><!– –><p>Put this on your bucket list: <b>choose a go-to dish for when you're eating out</b>. You don't have to have it every time but it's something that you can judge a restaurant by and eventually you become a bit of a connoisseur.</p><!– –><!– –><p>When it comes to eating out, breakfast or brunch is definitely Kate’s favourite. She doesn't see French toast on the menu much in the UK so if it’s there then there’s a good chance she’s ordering it!</p><!– –><!– –><p>The first time she tried French toast Kate was on holiday with her family in America, so every time she eats it the dish always brings back fun memories. Before that revelation she would always pick pancakes over French toast because <b>she never thought that she’d like it</b>. She thought the dish was savoury and maybe the thought of fried soggy bread didn’t appeal but oh boy was she wrong! After trying it for the first time Kate felt like she had been missing out for years. Now she’s making up for all the missed French toasts.</p><!– –><!– –><p>After trying so many French toasts Kate is officially a connoisseur, so the inspiration for her bucket list recipe was <b>no ordinary French toast</b>. The toast is thick sliced (a must- have feature of good French toast) and topped with a summer berry coulis, a big scoop of mascarpone and finished with a drizzle of maple syrup and a dusting of icing sugar. That’s not all though, what really made this stand out is the fact that the toast was <b>coated completely in cornflakes</b>. It just adds a totally different texture that is incredible and balances with all of the other components perfectly.</p><!– –><!– –><p>She had this version of French toast while visiting Barcelona on a business trip. It was her last day before heading home and she found this cute cafe with an amazing menu and a 20 minute wait for a table. The locals obviously knew how good the food was and it was the perfect end to the trip.<!– –></p><!– –><!– –><p>As soon as she tasted it <b>Kate knew that she’d be recreating it and sharing the dish with her family</b> with a few twists of her own. She doesn’t think that it should only be eaten for breakfast or brunch. By adding a bit of white chocolate it can definitely double up as the ultimate comfort dessert.</p><!– –><!– –></div><!– –></div><!– –></div><!– –></div><!– –><!– –>[/wcm_restrict]