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Speedy Meals on a Tight Schedule: How Meal Packs Has Helped Hannah

Every member of the Meal Packs community is important, and every member is different. We’re talking to loads of you around the world, and from Sydney to Surrey, you’ve all told us something different about how the app helps you! 

How does Meal Packs cooking fit in with a very busy schedule? That’s what we asked Hannah. Thanks to Meal Packs, she knows that she’ll always have a good meal on the table after working a shift. She told us about how the quick, easy, budget-friendly meals have transformed her routine.

Hannah (25) and friends

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Meet Hannah…

Our latest community spotlight took us to Bristol in the UK, via video call of course, to talk to Meal Packs fan Hannah. The 25-year-old singer, dancer and actor uses the app to cook for herself and make sure she’s got reliable meals on the table in between busy shift work: ‘I love to eat delicious filling meals but rarely have time to cook them.’ 

She takes advantage of the 2 person portion size, using her leftovers for lunch or dinner the following day, which makes meal planning even simpler!

A day in the life of Hannah

Hannah’s routine is far from boring. With shifts that can be very sporadic, it’s always helpful for her to know what she’ll be eating and to be able to cook it in advance. Plus, the balanced Meal Packs ensure she gets all the nutrients she needs. 

Sometimes I’ll be home by 5, other times I won’t get home until past midnight. As a dancer I also know it’s very important to fuel yourself properly after a class to help muscles recover quicker!’

Hannah is gluten intolerant and has to be careful to watch what she eats. She doesn’t have the luxury of most fast food options, and says that gluten-free meals are often more expensive. The app helps her cook quick, budget-friendly, nutritious meals after a day of work, without having to resort to an oven pizza!

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Time is of the essence…

No surprises here – Hannah’s busy work schedule means that she’s always looking for easy, speedy meals! Her favourite tags to browse include the ‘Under 30 mins’, ‘One pot’ and ‘<25 ingredients’ Meal Packs: ‘that’s an instant ’easy’ indicator!’ 

But the app has also had an unexpected benefit for Hannah. Her ADHD means that she often finds it difficult to focus. The app manages to hold her attention thanks to the unique audio guide feature: ‘the audio aspect of being read the recipe is a great tool as I can do the recipe whilst it’s being read to me, rather than getting distracted every time having to come back and read the recipe 3 times over!’

She says it has also helped her plan her meals, instead of coming home from a long shift, looking at a fridge full of ingredients and not having a clue where to start. By planning ahead, she avoids that dangerous ‘I don’t know what to cook’ moment that often leads to ordering takeaways and letting fresh ingredients go to waste, saving her money too.

Cheat’s Sausage Calzone with Fennel Salad

Pork & Spinach Enchiladas

Courgette, Gnocchi & Basil Bake

Cheating her way to comforting dinners!

This week, Hannah has gone for the brand new ‘Cheat’s Comfort’ Meal Pack, a collection that includes a Cheat’s Sausage Calzone with Fennel Salad, Pork & Spinach Enchiladas and a Courgette, Gnocchi & Basil Bake. It’s a slightly more indulgent choice that’s perfect for those cold winter evenings. 

Hannah tweaked the recipes slightly, swapping out certain ingredients for gluten-free supermarket alternatives. Nonetheless, she notes that the end product isn’t always quite the same… As some GF products tend to be smaller (tortillas in this case!), I twisted my calzones into more of a tortilla bake!’

The meals were a hit that introduced to her some new cooking options: ‘All the meals are completely new to me this week and definitely push my boundaries of cooking and expand my horizons a bit, rather than just cooking the same stuff over and over again.’

And it’s not only this Meal Pack that has got her trying new things. As a self-confessed fussy eater, Hannah has enjoyed exploring new territories with the Meal Packs app! 

‘Using Meal Packs has taught me to be a bit more open-minded and to give everything a try as you might surprise yourself.’

Good news, Hannah – there are loads more Meal Packs on the way! Our selection of easy meals, exciting new dishes and more balanced options means there’s something for everyone.

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